When Bells Meet Buckets – The Unseen Youth Of Malaysia

Image Credit: GoodKids Malaysia

Dance theatre production When Bells Meet Buckets shines a light on the ordeals of Malaysia’s youth from the urban poor communities – and how these young people are using the arts to cope with their challenges. Presented by GoodKids Malaysia together with LS Creations, the show will be staged on the 6th and 7th of December, 2019.

Platform For The Youth

The production provides a platform for these young people, who have been using the performing arts to tell their stories and to break the stigma that society has labelled them with. Among the difficult truths the show touches on are stories of shame, loss of identity, family feuds, peer pressure, and teen infatuation, showcased in a way you have never seen before: the ankle bells of classical Indian dancing to the beats of bucket drums. Breaking through stereotypes and prejudices, the show highlights the power the arts have to empower young people.

“Getting these young people to tell their own stories empowers them. Their determination to train since December 2018, using original choreography and music compositions, just proves the amount of conviction they have in themselves. They want to be heard, and they want you to know what happened to them before you label them with negativity,” says Koggelavani, performance director and one of GoodKids’ co-founders.

GoodKids and LS Creations were spurred to provide these young people a safe space to be themselves because of the alarming number of Malaysian youths getting involved in social vices, and the numerous studies that show that young people fall into the wrong company to find a sense of belonging. Through the platform provided by When Bells Meet Buckets, these young people learn, are able to get creative, and find a place where they are accepted – and in a “cool” movement too!

Image Credit: GoodKids Malaysia

Beyond A Theatre Production

Going beyond being just a theatre production, When Bells Meet Buckets depicts the transformational journey of the young people trained by GoodKids and LS Creations. Together, these two organisations have been working to provide an alternative learning platform for marginalised youth to learn, rediscover themselves, and develop self confidence, through the performing arts.

“We have to start recognising that not every child is able to fit into our academic-based learning system. We have seen kids who do not do well academically shine in the arts, and eventually develop their competency in academics because of the confidence they have gained. The arts are empowering, they’re not a distraction,” says Lavanya Selvaratnam, bharathanatyam dancer and teacher, and founder of LS Creations.

While When Bells Meet Buckets delivers an important message, it is also a highly entertaining show. Audiences will be in for a treat as music is performed on instruments made entirely of recycled items – a complete percussive arrangement without any conventional instruments. Adding to the fun is the light humour that reflects on the typical Malaysian teenager of today.

Image Credit: GoodKids Malaysia

Catch When Bells Meet Buckets

When Bells Meet Buckets, which showcases the talent of 30 young people, will take place on:

Date: 6th & 7th December 2019
Venue: KuAsh Theatre, PKK Tuanku Bainun, TTDI
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Tickets: RM60 / RM80 / RM100

The production team hopes to get all the support from the public in making this event a success. Visit www.goodkids.com.my for more information.