U Mobile x Flume: Australian Artist Debut Live in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur became the ultimate spot to be for EDM fans as the Australian artist, Flume, made his Malaysian debut on 23 August 2019. It was set in KL Live as one of the many sideshows from Good Vibes Festival. With U Mobile being part of their official partner and telco, you know there’s much more to expect!

U Mobile Unlimited Grooves!

The party started even before Flume came out. As WH from DJ Duo BATE played the opening act, fans were already crowded at KL Live grooving to the beat and getting their best spot for the show. For fans that came with friends or just wanted to get a cool shot for the grams, U Mobile got their backs by setting up a photo booth with a holographic projection of the word, “Flume”. With the help of professional photographers, everyone had their own trippy boomerang to take home as a memory token.

What you missed out on Flume Live!

As for the show itself, Flume has proven himself to be an artist with an eclectic style and a strong presence. His performance had many notable moments that seemed trippy, psychedelic, and immersive. The crowd went insane.

During the intro track of “Hi, This Is Flume” mixed with “Amber”, Flume started spray painting words on an overhead projector that read, “HALO, SAYA FLUME.” Artists such as Reo Cragun and Vera Blue also joined this leg of the tour. One of the highlights was Flume potting orchids in the background as the crowd bellowed word for word with Vera on the hit song, “Never Be Like You”.

Adding special effects to his act, Flume showed on the screen falling pieces of paper. What surprised the fans were that the pieces of paper were covering the stage in real life! The artist then started to throw them all into the screaming crowd where fans tried to grab whatever pieces of paper they could get their hands on. Next up, sparks flew as he cut words onto a thick strip of metal with a grinding machine. The words were later revealed to be “KUALA LUMPUR” and “KL” with a heart next to it. We love you too, Flume!

The biggest highlight from Flume Live

However, the biggest highlight of the performance was when several East-Asian women took center stage. They wore matching white samfus and performed tai-chi in sync with the music on stage. Meanwhile, Flume lied down in the center of the stage with his hands behind his head taking it all in. He added a special message in the act with a robotic voice that said, “Hello, this is Flume. It is so nice to be in Malaysia. Thank you for making me feel so welcomed.”

To top it all off, the amazing light shows elevated Flume’s act into a captivating performance. Rays of colourful lights that moved in synchronised patterns bathed the already screaming audience. Paired with Flume’s electronic yet dreamy music, it felt out of this world.

More than just a show…

What made Flume’s act extraordinary was its bizarreness and his carefree spirit about it. It was as though he was just like one of his fans having a good time losing himself in music. With each stunt he pulled from spray painting, potting orchids, to cutting metal, Flume pushed the boundaries of just being a regular EDM show. One thing for sure, the Flume frenzy is going to be a long-standing hype for EDM fans in Kuala Lumpur.

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