Tealive Lives Again!

Image Credit: rojakdaily.com

Here we go again. The never-ending drama of Malaysian bubble tea continues. After being ordered to close down all outlets, Tealive has succeeded in their application for stay.

Earlier on, the Court of Appeal had rejected Loob Holdings’ bid to keep Tealive operations running. Now, the Federal Court has granted them for a stay.

“On behalf of the Tealive team, we would like to thank everyone for their continued trust and support. Our lawyers will continue to handle the ongoing court matter until final resolution,” Loob chief executive officer Bryan Loo.

Image Credit: trendingtrain.net

Let’s walk through the timeline again, in case anyone needs a quick refresh.

Early December 2016: La Kaffa terminated agreement with Loob Holdings, with more than 20 years left on the deal
February 2017: Chatime becomes Tealive!
May 2017: La Kaffa’s attempt at filing an injunction against Loob Holdings failed
June 2018: La Kaffa succeeded, and Tealive was ordered to shut down all outlets
July 2018: Tealive is allowed to operate again till further notice

Looks like Tealive will still be sticking around, fighting till its last breath. Meanwhile, grab your favourite bubble tea (whichever brand you favour) and some popcorn. It ain’t over.