McD Malaysia Launches “Say No to Straws” Campaign

Plastic straws are no doubt convenient, but they are notoriously difficult to recycle, just like any other plastic material. In order to save the environment, fast food chains around the world have stopped giving out plastic straws automatically. To reduce plastic waste, McD Malaysia has recently decided to do the same as well!

No More Pressing for Straws

As a kid, you probably pressed on the lever on those brown boxes several times, dispensing more straws than you actually needed. Well, soon you won’t be able to do that anymore! Starting form 1st August 2018, McD Malaysia will stop providing plastic straws automatically. However, if you really need one especially if you’re on-the-go, you still can request for one! McD Malaysia just wants you to be more mindful of straw usage. Even though there has been no official statement from McD itself yet, but signs in certain outlets in Klang Valley and Penang have been put up to inform customers of its new move.

Starting August 1, McDonald's Malaysia Will Stop Providing Plastic Straws Automatically - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Curbing Straw Usage & Wastage

Did you know? An estimated 31 million Malaysians use straws everyday. When you use a straw, you probably don’t think it contributes much to environmental damage, but when the rest of the 30,999,999 use them too, it becomes a major issue. How long do you use straws for on average? Minutes, isn’t it? But it takes 200 years for a straw to decompose. Before it can decompose, it has likely found its way into the oceans, harming marine life. As of early 2018, straws are the 11th most found ocean trash in clean-up operations. What happens to straws that aren’t found in clean-ups? Well, they make their way into marine life. An estimated 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic each year.

Environmental Impact Of Plastic Straws Infographic
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Say No to Straws!

Therefore, as responsible earth citizens, we should do our part in preserving the environment. McD Malaysia is only taking the first step in reducing plastic waste, and we should all be supportive of this “Say No to Straws” campaign. Only take a straw if you really need one, okay? Who knows? Perhaps one day McD will get rid of its cardboard boxes if you opt to dine in too!

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