Instagram Has Disabled instababe_malaysia!

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In a surprise move that delivered a great shock to Malaysian netizens, Instagram has disabled instababe_malaysia. As you can probably guess from the handle itself, instababe_malaysia is an account that features and promotes Malaysian beauties. Needless to say, a number of Malaysian males are still in mourning over the loss of this page.

What exactly is instababe_malaysia?

The account was set up 6 years ago, and the account has featured more than 3,000 Malaysian babes. From then, they have racked up a loyal following of 286.4k, as seen during time of disablement. Besides being just an Instagram account, they have also morphed into an influencer management company. Some of our local beauties found fame through this page, and many strongly support this account.

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Why did it get disabled?

In the wee hours of 3rd of June, the admin(s) of the account discovered that the account was no longer accessible. After writing in, Instagram only replied that they have violated Instagram Community Guidelines, resulting in disablement. However, Instagram did not provide further explanation nor proof. Based on the team’s own research, they deduce that they might have gotten reported when they featured a “babe” without giving her prior notice. On the other hand, having done this for 6 years, they feel that this is a punishment too severe, and are hoping that they can have their account back.

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What’s going on now?

instababe_malaysia is facing an uncertain future, but they’re urging fans and followers to help them. They have set up a temporary account @ib_malaysia and will be using it for updates. Their first step is to get the attention of Instagram, and they’re trying to achieve this with a simple method: tagging. If you’re a fan and would like to see their original account returned to them, just drop by their page and tag @instagram in the comments. Alternatively, you could also share their story and also tag @instagram. Get Instagram to notice them first, and then the rest could be discussed.

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Meanwhile, we know that several male netizens are lamenting the fact that there is now a lack of eye candy, and they have been leaving hilarious comments. “How do I live out my days without getting to enjoy the sight of beautiful women?” says one. Another says,”I feel like the motivation to live has left me…” We don’t know what to say but hang in there, guys. Have you been a follower of this account, and will you help them get it back?

Article sourced from BigPost.