Facebook Bans Huawei from Pre-Installing Its Apps

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We assume that you’ve been keeping up to date with world happenings, and that you know of the US ban on Huawei. If not, that’s pretty much the gist of it. Huawei and the USA are currently not on good terms, and several American companies have severed ties with the Chinese brand. The most well-known of which is probably Google. Now, Facebook bans Huawei too. We assume you could say Facebook… jumped on the ban-wagon.

No Pre-Installation

Basically, Facebook is no longer allowing pre-installation of its apps on new Huawei phones. Not only its own Facebook app, but related ones such as WhatsApp and Instagram as well. When we say “new”, we refer to those Huawei phones which have not yet left the factory. Current Huawei users who are already using these apps are not affected; you will still be able to use these apps and receive updates. However, despite not being allowed to pre-install, users can still download them manually from the Google Playstore… while it lasts.

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What Happens When Google Leaves?

At the moment, Google is still providing Android software for Huawei phones, but it’s only a temporary situation. After a 90-day reprieve from the US government, Google will cut all ties with Huawei. For now, Google’s Playstore and its apps will still be available for all current Huawei models, including those which have not yet been shipped or even been built. As for what will come next after Google is gone from Huawei, no one is really sure yet.

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Why is the Pre-Installation A Big Deal?

It isn’t, not really. It’s just that smartphone companies often strike up business deals to pre-install popular apps on their phones. When app companies decide that they do not want their apps pre-installed anymore, it sends out a strong message. Looks like Huawei is suffering blow after blow from the USA, and it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. We hope that Huawei will find a way around these bans and such!

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