Carlsberg Introduces New Look for the Same Great Brew

Image Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

Carlsberg, now with a new look yet keeping its signature same great brew, hits the street this July. Beer lovers can look forward to Probably The Best Beer In The World which now comes with practical betterments to deliver an even better beer enjoyment experience!

A Refreshed Brand Identity

Carlsberg’s refreshed Danish inspired brand identity, which balances simplicity with contemporary design, is applied across its products, packaging, communications, visibilities and amenities to deliver a better beer experience for all beer lovers. The brand’s new look and feel is most visible on its packaging, coupled with practical improvements, that sees a new Fresh Cap on Carlsberg bottles, the same great brew served in premium-looking stem glasses, and cans that come in Easy-to-Open packs. These “betterments” are a result of Carlsberg’s efforts and belief in constant improvement and refinement in progressive pursuit of better beer. Probably The Best Beer in the World just keeps getting better!

Image Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

Carlsberg Rewards You!

Carlsberg is also out to reward its fans with a nationwide consumer promotion from July to September, allowing them the opportunity to win the chance to become Probably The Best Beer Master! Not only are winners entitled to an all-expenses-paid trip to the Carlsberg Malaysia’s brewery, they also get to bring along a friend and go through an informative Art of Beer session towards being Probably The Best Beer Master that comes with a certificate upon completion. Best of all, winners get to enjoy one year’s supply of free Carlsberg.*

For Carlsberg bottles enjoyed at restaurants and coffeeshops, simply check the underside of the bottle cap for a chance to win the grand prize to be Probably The Best Beer Master. Consumers can also collect 24 bottle caps to get a limited-edition Carlsberg T-shirt, or 12 bottle caps to get one 320ml Carlsberg can. This promotion will run from 1 to 31 July 2019 in Peninsular Malaysia and 1 to 31 August 2019 in Sabah & Sarawak.

Image Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

Between 1 to 31 August 2019, Carlsberg drinkers enjoying draught and bottled beer at participating bars, pubs and bistros will get gift cards for a chance to be Probably The Best Beer Master. They can also get a limited-edition Carlsberg T-shirt which comes in two collectible designs for every 10 gift cards collected. Meanwhile, every purchase of two bottles or cans of Carlsberg at convenience stores between 1 August to 30 September 2019 will also give consumers a chance to win simply by snapping and sending their receipt as a proof of purchase.

To learn more about Carlsberg’s new look and feel, betterments and promotions, visit the brand’s Facebook page at CarlsbergMY or check out

*12 cartons of 24x 320

Image Credit: Carlsberg Malaysia

What Are Carlsberg’s New “Betterments”?

FRESHER: For Carlsberg in bottles, we created a cleverly-designed Fresh Cap that removes oxygen from the headspace in the bottle. You get a fresher taste for 5x longer!

BETTER: The new Carlsberg stem glasses come engraved with a hop leaf-shaped nucleation stamp at the bottom, which generates more foam, helping to retain the aroma for longer.

EASIER: For Carlsberg in cans, we improved the pack with an Easy to Open feature, allowing consumers to open a 6-can pack of Carlsberg in no time!