Aviation Experts Reveal What Really Happened to MH370

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On the 8th of March 2014, flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur, headed for Beijing. It never reached, but rather disappeared completely. Immediate search and rescue efforts yielded no results, and it quickly became one of the biggest aviation mysteries ever. More than four years later, experts believe that they have solved the mystery, and this is what they say.

What Really Happened

When news of the missing plane first broke, people all over the world suggested several theories of their own, including pilot suicide, terrorist attack and plane hijacking just to name a few. Well, according to a group of experts, the plane was brought down deliberately by its captain in a murder-suicide.

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The Evidence

When the plane lost contact and flew off the radar, there was total silence. There was no Mayday signal, nor calls or texts that failed to get through. If the passengers knew that they were doomed, surely they would have tried to get in touch with loved ones? This struck experts as highly suspicious, and they believe that the captain had depressurised the plane. This means that whoever that wasn’t wearing an oxygen mask would be rendered unconscious. By carefully studying theflight path, experts also noticed that there was a detour near Penang, Malaysia. The captain was from Penang, and experts believe that he was saying goodbye to his hometown before flying to his death. Also, the pilot steered the plane in and out of Malaysia and Thailand, avoiding detection by both countries by wiggling along the border.

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The Pilot

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53 years old, was the pilot-in-command for the flight, and apparently, the man behind the plane’s ill fate. With 18,365 hours of flying experience, he was clearly an experienced pilot. His behaviour and background were looked into, but there was nothing to suggest that he would be taking a plane down. Admittedly, he and his wife had separated, but were still living together at the time. It is claimed that Captain Zaharie’s wife has refused to provide details about her husband’s state of mind then. However, according to his flight simulator at home, he apparently “flew” a path, which MH370 similarly took later on.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah
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What do you think? Has the mystery of MH370 really been solved? Do you buy into this theory, or do you have one of your own? Share your thoughts in the comments below!