Yummy Ice Creams That Are Perfect To Cool You Down This CNY

Yummy Ice Creams
Image credit: klfoodie.com

While Chinese New Year is full of fun, Ang Pows, and reuniting with family, there is still one thing we Malaysians must face. THE HOT WEATHER! Wah every Chinese New Year the sky is so clear and the sun is blazing hot. While we can still enjoy the cool air conditioning, moving around and visiting relatives will surely work up a sweat. So keep cool this Chinese New Year with these yummy ice creams!

A nice cold sweet treat will surely brighten your mood and help you feel cool. These yummy ice creams are also new to the market. So not only is it a new Chinese year but also a new treat to try!

Firstly, every Malaysian who has ever been to a mamak will surely know what teh tarik is. Even tourists know about teh tarik! After all, the method of pulling the tea is unique and it tastes so good. However, no one really wants a hot cup of teh tarik when the weather is so hot. Which is why Lipton has released Teh Tarik Sandwich ice cream!

Lipton Teh Tarik Sandwich
Image credit: klfoodie.com

In the sandwich you will find one side is the milk-flavoured ice cream while the other is the tea-flavoured ice cream. Don’t forget to check out the two comic drawings on each cookie side.

Next, while visiting the endless list of relatives you will definitely need a break. And what is a break if there’s no KitKat? Now you can one up the experience with the KitKat ice cream now on a stick.

KitKat Ice Cream Stick
Image credit: twitter.com

Previously only available in Australia, this yummy ice cream has found it’s way to us. Vanilla ice cream coated in sweet chocolate with little KitKat bits? Yes, please!

Moving on, take a blast to your past with the new Doraemon popsicles and ice cream cups. The ice cream cups are available in Vanilla and Chocolate as well as Chocolate Chips. There are also collectables in your cup.

Doraemon ice cream
Image credit: facebook.com and instagram.com

Lastly, another rare treat has found its way to us Malaysians to help us battle the heart. Known as the ultimate Disneyland treat, these yummy Mickey ice creams feature vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce, and a layer of chocolate. Perfect for your sweet tooth craving.

Mickey Ice Cream
Image credit: klfoodie.com

These yummy ice creams will be a nice break from the heat of the Chinese New Year sun. Meanwhile, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding food that’s too salty.