Your Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Ring Size

Your Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Ring Size
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Thinking of buying the perfect ring for your loved one? Good for you. Now the next thing you need is the ring size! You want to buy a comfortable ring for your significant other; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Let us help you to get your significant other the perfect fitting ring with our guide to the perfect ring size!

1) Average ring sizes

A woman’s ring usually ranges from 14.1mm to 19.0mm, while a man’s ring usually ranges from 18.1mm to 23.2mm. Whereas for the most popular ring size, it’s 16.5mm for women and 19.0mm for men. Another overlooked factor is the difference between the right and left hand. The dominant hand usually tends to be a little bigger.

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Do note that you can look up on the internet for international ring size charts.

2) Finger size changes

Depending on the time of day and the weather, finger size will changes. Therefore, it’s best to measure finger size at the time when it’s the warmest during the day and when the fingers are warm since fingers tend to get smaller in the morning or when it’s cold.

Also, measure them 3 to 4 times to keep it accurate. Although some people may recommend using paper or string to measure the ring size, it is better to avoid it as they can stretch or twist, resulting in an inaccurate measurement.

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3) Measure ring size

If you are looking for a ring for yourself, just use a ring sizer tool. If you are secretly looking for a ring for your significant other, just steal a ring from them, easy right? Preferably ring that they wore most of the time, something they find comfy the most.

Not easy to steal a ring they love to wear most of the time? Here’s a tip, take the ring and imprint it on something i.e. soap or modelling clay. Remember to wash the ring thoroughly after that, wouldn’t want to raise suspicions right?!

Don’t choose open rings, wave-shaped ring or a ring with an especially large stone, as they’re harder to get an accurate measurement.

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If and only if all else fails, even with our guide to the perfect ring size, bring your significant others along to get the ring. Going out together and choosing something significant can make good memories, plus doing things together is fun too, just like killing two birds with one stone.