You Need To Check Out Louis Vuitton’s Free Time Capsule Exhibition

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Head over to KLCC this Sunday (7th of July) and check out the awesome journey of Louis Vuitton. The time capsule exhibition is not an unfamiliar concept by Louis Vuitton. In fact, Malaysia is the 16th city to feature the awesome work of art.

Previous cities that hosted the time capsule include Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Berlin, and Osaka.

Why You Should Go?

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Well we all know that Louis Vuitton is a designer French fashion house and retail company. I bet if you saw a bag with the signature LV logo that you would recognise it immediately.

The time capsule will bring visitors on a journey through the history of Louis Vuitton and how he built his empire.

A Brief History

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At the age of just 16-years old, Louis Vuitton began his apprenticeship under Monsieur Marechal, a box-maker and packer.

At that time, box-makers and packers were highly valued which is due to the industrial revolution introducing trains and carriages as means of transportation.

With hard work and talent, young Louis Vuitton quickly established a reputation for himself.

Soon he was on his way to opening his own atelier and building his brand. And so, his workshop began with 20 employees and kept on growing.

Now, the brand has expanded to luxury handbags, luggages, clothes, accessories, and even fragrances.

Time Capsule Exhibition

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The exhibition will show visitors the way that the Louis Vuitton brand has strived to meet customers expectations. To elaborate, this is done through anticipating the needs and desires of consumers that are always changing.

At the exhibition, visitors will be able to marvel at rare and special objects of the brand which have been carefully selected from archive.

Details of the event are:

Date: 7th July – 28th July 2019

Time: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 10PM

Location: Esplanade, KLCC Park

Admission: FREE