You Have Been Eating Xiao Long Bao The Wrong Way This Whole Time!

You would think that eating was the one thing that you could do right. But have you been eating Xiao Long Bao the right way? Apparently many of us have been doing it wrong. Din Tai Fung’s chef is here to teach us the correct way to eat this delicious dumpling.

Xiao Long Bao is a very popular dish at Chinese restaurants that many people love. It’s like a little package with yummy pork and fragrant soup. However, you have probably been eating it the wrong way all this while.

How many times have you eagerly put the dumpling in your mouth only to have your tongue burned by the scalding soup. Or that moment when the soup is so hot you have to open your mouth and it comes spilling out.

Have you almost choked when trying to keep the soup and dumpling in your mouth while trying to cool it down. I am sure many of us has had at least one of this happen in our lifetime of eating Xiao Long Bao.

Din Tai Fung’s chef Edward Yulianto made an appearance on MasterChef Australia. During the segment, he showed the audience the correct way to eat this soupy dumpling. It is a much more graceful way and will help you avoid burning your tongue.

Din Tai Fung's chef Edward Yulianto has revealed the right way to eat xiao long bao by piercing a small hole with chopsticks for broth to escape into spoon
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First, he dips the dumpling in some soy sauce and vinegar before placing it on his spoon. Next, he uses his chopsticks to poke tiny holes into it. He lets the soup pour out onto his spoon where it has a chance to cool down.

The dumpling master slurped the soup out of the dumplings after poking a small hole into it
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After that, he places ginger soaked in soy sauce on top of it. Then it is just a matter of putting the spoon into your mouth. You can sip the soup beforehand or just eat it all at once.

Chef Edward has been a chef for nine years and believes he has made at least one million dumplings. I am sure that he knows what he is doing when it comes to eating Xiao Long Bao correctly. Next time you order this delicious dish, try out his way of eating it.