Worst Airbnb? This Man Ended Up With A Shipping Container

Do you have some pretty bad Airbnb experiences while going on holiday? Well this man might be able to top that. After arriving in Amsterdam, he discovered that the Airbnb he had booked was actually a shipping container with a portable toilet.

British tourist Ben Speller was scrolling through Airbnb looking for the perfect place to rent while on holiday in Amsterdam. He cam across a £100-a-night home in Amsterdam advertised as a ‘clean home in Amsterdam with a private bathroom’. Thinking it was such a catch, he immediately booked it.

Airbnb listing
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

Much to his shock and dismay, he found the little cottage to be a shipping container by the roadside. The grey shipping container had three mattresses and a portable toilet inside. It was located at Pauwenpad, near Prins Bernhardplein, Amsterdam.

A photograph taken from inside the container shows three solitary mattresses lying on the floor, complete with bedding
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk
Pictured is the shipping container's portable toilet, which had been installed inside the 'home'
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk


The taxi he was in actually drove past it three times while searching for a building. Speller was in shock after taking a chance at opening the container. After opening the door and looking inside, he immediately left and went to a hotel.

Speller then asked the person listing it for a refund but his request was denied. In the end, Airbnb had to refund him the £100 and cover the £230 expenses on the hotel. Shortly after, the container was found to be empty and was then towed away by city contractors.

Airbnb has clarified that both the host and listings have been removed. Misrepresented or fraudulent listings are not allowed to be advertised on the platform. That sounds like quite the situation to find yourself in while on holiday. It’s a good thing that Airbnb has refunded him and covered his hotel expenses while taking the steps in removing the post.