Wise Cottage Fries Is Challenging You With Some Seriously Spicy Chips

Image credit: facebook.com and food.ndtv.com

If there’s one thing that Malaysians love, it’s food. In fact, many of us also love it when our food is super spicy. You know those meals when you sweat a bit, your nose starts to leak and your breathing sounds like tsssssss. Wise Cottage Fries noticed our love for a spicy challenge and they’ve brought their best contenders!

Wise Cottage Fries Cili Padi and Ghost Pepper
Image credit: facebook.com

So what is Wise Cottage Fries offering to us? Firstly, we’ve got the Cili Padi potato chips! We all know and have a sort of love hate relationship with this Asian chilli. It’s super spicy but some of us just can’t resist. But will it live up to our expectations? You’ll only know if you try it.

Next up is the Wise Cottage Fries Ghost Pepper edition. Let’s not forget that the Ghost Pepper noodles had many people crying, sweating, and feeling dizzy. Some even felt like their ears were ringing.

Ghost Pepper
Image credit: homedepot.com

But why did the Ghost Pepper have such an effect? Well, in 2007 the Guinness World Records certified it as the HOTTEST chilli pepper. In fact, it’s said to be 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. So if you want to try this flavour be sure to have some nice cold milk on standby and stop if it’s too much.

And now the most important question, where can you get your hands on these spicy potato chips? Well, they are available in a 7-Eleven near you! Yup, it is exclusively for 7-Eleven and you won’t find it anywhere else. Each packet of chips will only cost you RM3.80 which is still pretty reasonable for what you get.

So do you dare take on the challenge? Will you be able to handle the HEAT? Or will the Wise Cottage Fries defeat you with their new flavours? Only one way to find out!