Will Drones Be The New Go To Delivery Service? Cyberjaya Begins Tests

Image credit: soyacincau.com and thestar.com.my

Yes, folks in Cyberjaya can soon expect to have their food delivered to them from the sky. It’s like that dream where food starts raining from up above. Except that you have to pay for it. Testing of this new service with drones will begin at the end of June for a 3 month period.

Delivery by drones is the product of a partnership between Average Drone Sdn Bhd and Futurise. Average Drone Sdn Bhd is a local company that is involved with all things drone since 2014.

Meanwhile, Futurise is part of Cyberview which is known as the ‘Tech Hub Enabler’ in Cyberjaya. The company aims to lead us all in developing futuristic innovative ecosystems. Which is why it makes total sense that they are on board this new partnership.

Mavic 2
Image credit: store.dji.com

For the moment the drone delivery service will only be available within a 2km radius of Futurise’s office. Customers can expect to wait no longer than 12 minutes which is super impressive.

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The drones can also fly in rainy weather, provided that it isn’t pouring heavily.

Currently, the menu is limited to very few items which are noodles, burgers, kuihs, rice, sandwiches, and fruits. However, more dishes will be added to the official menu if the 3 month trial period is successful.

Delivery drones have been given the name ‘Express Food’ and feature six propellers. I suppose that’s how they can fly so fast.

All the drones will be manufactured by Average Drone and can only make light deliveries. Specifically orders that are 800g or less.

Take note that a small fee of RM2.50 will be charged for delivery. This seems like a pretty small price to pay for what you get. Food delivered to you quickly on the wings/propellers of a drone.

Hopefully it’s successful and they expand to the rest of Malaysia.

The future is here!