Why X-Men: Dark Phoenix Is Such A Flop In The Box Office

Image credit: wired.com and cnet.com

The newest X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the fourth movie in the rebooted X-Men series. A lot of people were anticipating it to be successful. Instead, it seems that everything is going downhill for the film which has received negative reviews.

In fact, the movie is doing so badly that it seems to be making a loss of $100 – $120 million. The total cost of production was $350 million but it is only estimated to make about $285 million in the box office.

Audience Thoughts

To be fair, there were a few X-Men fans who had low expectations of the movie after watching its trailer. Some users left comments on a Facebook post of the trailer expressing their expectations and thoughts.

Image credit: facebook.com/xmenmovies

Mark talks about how the movie is too rushed and does not properly allow for Jean Grey’s character development. He mentions it should be done over more than just two movies.

Image credit: facebook.com/xmenmovies

Daniel acknowledges that the trailer does look good but after much disappointment, he does not believe in it.

Image credit: facebook.com/xmenmovies

Jared sarcastically talks about the lack of emotional attachment that the audience has with Jean Grey. This is due to the lack of character development which allows viewers to build a connection with a character.

Critic Reviews

Rotten tomatoes which is a popular rating website for movies and tv shows has given the movie only 23%. The only other movie with a lower ranking is ‘The Hustle’ which stars Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway.

Mihir Fadnavis from FirstPost writes “The film wants you to believe that it is complex and challenging, but it is all fluff and does injustice to the ideas it represents.”

The review also talks about how the movie plot is basically the same as every other superhero movie. Where execution could be its saving grace, the movie is predictable and filled with big moments that bring little effect.

Meanwhile, Molly Freeman from ScreenRant nicely sums up the biggest flaws of the film. She says “Dark Phoenix provides an unsatisfying ending to the X-Men film franchise, with a storyline that’s neither character-driven nor well-developed.”

All in all, Dark Phoenix is a thoroughly underwhelming movie that seems to only play with the surface. Characters are under developed, the plot is simple and typical, and the whole movie is at loss for direction.