Which Of These Asian Medicine And Treatments Did You Grow Up With?

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Sometimes we look at Western countries and see how different we are from them in various aspects. There can be such a difference from hygiene, to food, to culture, and even medicine. Growing up in Asia, we get used to having both modern and traditional forms of medication and treatment. In fact, sometimes the two can go hand in hand. However, it’s always interesting to see Western countries discover something we’ve been doing for so long. For example, using a bidet! On that note, which of these Asian medicine and treatments did you grow up with?

Asian Medicine and Treatments

Asian medicine and treatment starter pack
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When I write asian medicine and treatment, you’re most probably thinking of very traditional medicine that you usually get from a traditional doctor. These involve a lot of natural herbs which don’t usually taste good.

However, today I am writing about common over-the-counter medicine and treatments that we can find in most sundry shops. These are what our parents would give to us while we were growing up to quickly treat any pains and illnesses.


Honey can treat colds and flu-like illnesses
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Have you ever had a sore throat and immediately thought of honey? This sweet treat can be taken as a spoonful on its own or mixed in some tea. In fact, honey lemon is a quick go to for many of us as soon as we feel that scratch in our throats. Another way is by stirring it into some ginger tea as well.

Moreover, the West is just discovering the power of honey! A recent study found that honey is more effective in relieving the symptoms of colds and flu-like illnesses than commercial remedies. It is also safer, cheaper, and more readily available in comparison to medicine such as antibiotics or cough syrup.

Tiger Balm

Asian medicine and treatment - tiger balm
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The smell of Tiger Balm can easily take you back to those times when your parents would massage this ointment into their aching muscles. Known for addressing aches and pains, this potent smelling Asian medicine is really popular. In fact, many athletes apply it in order to combat any possible injuries.

Tiger Balm as a business actually grew in Singapore and successfully spread to surrounding countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more. Many consider it as the world’s best pain-relieving formulations. Today, it comes in different forms such as the traditional ointment but also as plasters and cream.

Cool Rhino 

Asian medicine and treatment - cool rhino cooling water
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One Asian belief is the need for a balance between yin and yang within the body which also includes heatiness and coldness. Many of us strongly believe in maintaining this balance by consuming heaty and cooling food. For example, after eating During which is heaty, we eat mangosteens or drink coconut water to combat the heatiness.

Cool Rhino water is a traditional Asian medicine drink that neutralises our bodies whenever we start to feel heaty. It is actually de-ionised water with gypsom fibrosum which is a natural mineral that contains calcium sulphate. These ingredients are cooling by nature and will help restore balance.

Minyak Angin 

Asian medicine and treatment - Minyak Angin Cap Kapak
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This all-in-one ointment is the answer to headaches, colds, blocked noses, travel sickness, wind, giddiness, and even joint pain. It truly is a miracle cure! Although to be honest, it does deliver very well. In fact, many of us still have a bottle within arms reach for those days that we feel under the weather.

Which Asian medicine or treatment did you grow up using and still use? Let us know which is your favourite!