What Should I Do If I Find A Snake In My House?

What should I do if I find a snake in my house?

Sometimes, we read news reports of a snake found in someone’s house. While we’re suitably shocked, it is actually quite a common occurrence in Malaysia. In fact, according to a NST report in 2017, our fire department gets an average of 12 snake-related cases each day! Now, let’s help you out with the question “what should I do if I find a snake in my house?”

1) Stay Calm, Don’t Panic

Yes, seeing a snake in your house is actually a reasonable reason to panic. But that won’t help you. Keep a clear head, and then follow the rest of the steps.

2) Keep Tabs On The Snake’s Location

To your best ability, try to find out where it is, or where it’s moving towards. Get your family members awake from the area if possible. If the snake slithers into a possible enclosed space such as the toilet or a room, you can try closing the door to keep it in one place, but only if it’s safe.

python resting its head on body
Image Credit: @davidclode on Unsplash

3) Notice Its Physical Features

Noting the snake’s characteristics such as colour and size could help the authorities greatly when you make a report. If you know the type of the snake, that’s even better but this isn’t a science test, so don’t worry if you don’t.

4) Don’t Provoke The Snake

In other words, just leave it be and don’t try to get rid of it on your own, unless you happen to be a snake expert. If you provoke or startle the snake, it may attack, and things can get dangerous real fast, especially if the snake is venomous.

grass snake on grass
Image Credit: theguardian.com

5) Call 999

You can do so while observing the snake. As we all know, 999 is Malaysia’s emergency hotline, so call them, tell them your situation, and request for assistance.

6) Always Keep A Safe Distance

Unless you know for sure, assume that the snake is indeed venomous, and keep a safe distance at all times. Do not go near the snake for any reason.

Image Credit: scientificamerican.com

7) Keep Observing

If it’s out in the open, and you didn’t close a door on it, try to notice if it moves elsewhere. When the authorities arrive, they will have a smaller search area, therefore making for a more efficient capture.

8) Take A Picture

No, not a selfie. Please not a selfie. If it is safe enough, take a picture of the snake so you can show it to the authorities. Knowing what the snake looks like could help them find out the possible snake type, and formulate a good capture plan from there.

Grass Snake on the grass Photo by: xulescu_g https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/
Image Credit: animal.net

We hope no snake will visit your residence, but keep this article close just in case!