What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?

Image Credit: Casio

We see the world in colours, and certain colours make us feel a certain way. Imagine how dull the world would be without colours! The differences in colour spice up the same object, and we all have a favourite colour, or several favourite colours. But did you know that each colour has it’s own meaning, and your favourite colour could reveal something about you?

1) Pink

Pink represents a universal love of oneself and of others, and is typically associated with femininity. Not only that, but it also represents affection and harmony! A sweet version of the colour red, pink is the colour of care, compassion, and love. If pink is your favourite colour, you’re generally friendly, approachable, and could be sensitive to the needs of others.

2) Yellow

Did you know? Yellow is the brightest colour of them all on the colour spectrum! It represents sunshine, hope, happiness, energy and optimism among other things. Not only that, but it also enhances concentration and stimulates creativity. If your favourite colour is yellow, you are most likely a great communicator, love to talk, and love a good challenge!

3) Blue

The colour blue is know for its calming effects, but it also signifies loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. The colour of the sky and sea, it brings to mind freedom and wide open spaces. Besides that, blue is also beneficial to the mind and body as it slows your metabolism and calms you down. If you like blue, you are most likely reliable, responsible, and have a quiet confidence within you.

4) Red

The colour of fire and blood, red is a bold and exciting colour. It represents energy, power, determination, passion, excitement, and love. Also known as an emotionally intense colour, red enhances metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises the blood pressure as well. As a vibrant and sexy colour, if red is what you like, you probably have leadership qualities, great ambition, and a strong will to succeed.

5) Orange

Orange is a combination of red’s energy, and yellow’s happiness. As the colour of joy, sunshine, and the tropics, it represents enthusiasm, fascination, creativity and stimulation. Most often, it is also associated with the season of autumn, and of the harvest. Usually, people who favour the colour orange are extroverted, uninhibited, and flamboyant!

6) Purple

Another colour combination, this time of blue’s stability and red’s energy, purple is the colour of royalty, luxury, power and ambition. Back in the day, purple was considered a rare colour, and so it also means wealth, extravagance, grandeur, and mystery. But did you know that purple is also the colour of spirituality, and helps in thinking out of the box? If you like purple, you probably have high ideals and a wild imagination, though quite grounded.

7) Turquoise

Cool and calming, the colour turquoise is a blend of blue and green. It brings to mind instantly clear, tranquil waters, and has a brightening yet calming effect. Besides that, this refreshing and serene colour is also known for its spiritual grounding properties! If this is your favourite colour, you could be compassionate and caring, creative, sensitive, and are seeking spiritual fulfillment.

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