V-Line for Beauty

Amongst Asian women, there has been a very popular surgery for an aesthetic look called the V-line procedure also known as facial contouring. Having a smaller symmetrical face that resembles a V-shape line is one of the most sought after surgical procedures in South Korea and Singapore. But what is the V-line surgery? It is a facial contouring procedure that changes the facial lines of the cheekbones down to the jaw.  There are a couple of procedures that are popular for creating the v-line look.

Cheekbone Rotation

The cheekbones, otherwise known as the zygoma, can protrude outwards, making the face look much wider from the front. One of the facial contouring procedures, the zygoma reduction is when the cheekbones are cut slightly or rearranged to correct the protrusion so the side of the face is a straight balanced line. Most places simply cut the cheekbone to the desired amount. However, this method has a side effect of causing the cheekbones to sag which will require additional procedures to correct in some cases. But some specialists use their own know-how method to produce results without any sagging of the skin. Dr. Myung June Oh of Regen Plastic Surgery, one of the top plastic surgery hospitals in Seoul specializes in jaw procedures. He uses a method that does not involve cutting the cheekbone but rotating them inwards to prevent facial sagging.


The other process is called genioplasty which involves cutting  the cortical bone (jaw) to create the ‘V’ look. Those who have a squarish type jaw due to bone (not muscles) can have the mandibular angle cut and removed to create a smooth angular jaw that doesn’t protrude to the side for a balanced look.

Due to the seriousness of cutting the bone, it is recommended that you choose a surgeon that is highly experienced in these procedures as there are many nerve endings around the bone. Any negligence or inexperience can produce unwanted lasting side effects.

Regen Plastic Surgery

Regen Plastic Surgery in Seoul specializes in all types of facial contouring and jaw procedures. Dr. Myung June Oh, one of the famous surgeons in Korea who also starred in the TV show Let me In and appeared on CBS Good Morning America to share his knowledge on jaw procedures.

Watch Dr. Myung June Oh’s video here.

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