10 Types Of Difficult Colleagues To Watch Out For At Work

difficult colleagues
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If you’re like most people who work for the others, you spend 40 hours a week at your job. This also means that you are spending more time with your colleagues than your own friends and family. Work place can be a great venue to meet new friends, but it can also be demoralizing if you encounter difficult colleagues. Here are 10 types of difficult colleagues to watch out for at work. Avoid them at all costs!

1) The Spy

This group of people are pretty much the blue eyed boys/ girls in the office. They will report all happenings at work to their boss such as “Boss, Ranjit was late for 30 minutes today.” or “Boss, I saw Lucy having lunch with your enemy.” Beware!

difficult colleagues
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2) The Backstabber

This group of people are willing to do anything to advance their careers and are always throwing others under the bus to help their reputations. Be careful when you post something up on your social media. There is a chance of The Backstabber informing your superior, “Boss, look at her Facebook status. It sounds like she’s unhappy with you.”

difficult colleagues
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3) The Politician

This group of people try hard to please both parties. On one hand, they agree with your standpoint. On the other, they change their stance to please another stakeholder, especially when the stakeholder is someone more superior than you. Never trust the Politician!

difficult colleagues
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4) The ‘Wall’

This group of people are ignorant. They couldn’t be bothered about anything that happens around them. They do only things within their job scope. Never expect that The Wall will lend their helping hand to you if you need any kind of assistance. You’ll probably get some snide remarks like “This is beyond my scope” or “This is not my job”.

difficult colleagues
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5) The Bossy Coworker

This group of people think that they are more superior (or smarter) than you. If someone at work always tells you to how to do your job even though he/she is of the same level as you, then you have a bossy colleague at work.

difficult colleagues
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6) The Lazy Bones

As the name suggests, this group of people always expect others to pick up their job. It is not surprising to find that they clock in late, go for long lunch, take multiple breaks, often play with their phone and leave office early. “I don’t know how to do it” or “I’m already overloaded” are some of their favourite lines.

difficult colleagues
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7) The Complainer

This group of people never stop complaining. They have negative vibes and always think life is unfair. Avoid this group of people at your work place before they cloud your minds with negativity!

difficult colleagues
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8) The Liar

This group of people manipulate their colleagues without a conscience. They take credit for other people’s work and will lie their way out of any problem to avoid blame. The Liar will never be a sincere co-worker nor a faithful friend.

difficult colleages
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9) The Braggart

This group of people like to boast about all the achievements that they have accomplished for the company and would think that they are the most important person in the company. They also like to associate themselves with the big bosses in the company.

difficult colleagues
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10) The Steamroller

This group of people won’t let you have a voice. He or she likes to control the room and often takes your ideas and passes them off as his or her own.

difficult colleagues
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Do you have any of these difficult colleagues at your work place? We’d love to hear from you.