Top 10 Marriage Proposal Fails Of All Time

Image Credit: Newsbomb's Youtube

There’s nothing more humiliating than having your marriage proposal rejected, especially when you decided to do it publicly. Marriage proposal is not just about popping the question whenever you feel like it. Besides proper planning, a right timing, location and ambiance are crucial. Here, we have compiled 10 marriage proposal fails that went down to drain. We feel so sorry for these guys.

1) Mall Marriage Proposal that was too out of a sudden!

2) Doing it publicly doesn’t mean you are doing it right!

3) No not a on a game show!

4) Proposing in front of your family members might not help either.

5) Neither it will work in front of a big crowd.

6) Trust Us, not in front of a big crowd please.

7) This is really awkward.. 

8) In a food court, really?

9) I feel so sorry for this dude.

10) Unlucky Marriage Proposal. There goes the ring..

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