Top 5 Places To Get Your Mee Rebus Johor Fix In Kuala Lumpur

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Mee rebus Johor is a yummy dish consisting of boiled yellow noodles in thick sweet and spicy gravy. It also comes with other condiments such as a hard boiled egg, protein of your choice, fried shallots, and a lime to squeeze. However, this dish that is easily found in Johor might pose a bigger obstacle in Kuala Lumpur. At least when it comes to finding one that’s good enough for fix your cravings. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 5 places to get your mee rebus Johor fix in Kuala Lumpur!

Asyiq Dang Wangi

asyiq dang wangi mee rebus stall
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Many patrons recommend the mee rebus sotong from this place. It features tender and spicy sotong to pair alongside the noodles. Additionally, it comes with a hard-boiled egg, tofu cubes, potato, bean sprouts, fried shallots, and sliced green chilli. For those who enjoy a thicker gravy, this is the place to try.

Rosli Mee Rebus 

rosli mee rebus
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The bestseller here is the mee rebus daging that features a rich broth made from beef stock and fat. Try to look out for the number of spices that go in as well. It comes with the usual condiments of egg, bean sprouts, chilli, and fried shallots. The stall has been serving up their popular dish for more than 30 years.

Warong Sate dan Cafe Mak Long

Warong satay dan cafe mak long satay and mee rebus
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Moving on, this warong is known for their delicious satay and mee rebus Johor so make sure you come with an empty stomach. The gravy here is thick and has a hint of tomatoes to balance out the spiciness. Many patrons enjoy sitting here to munch on their food while having a nice conversation.


enjoy mee rebus at warisan cafe
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Warisan Cafe is located in Nu Sentral so it’s a great place to meet up with friends. Known better as mee kuah ketam, the noodles here come with thick gravy made with crab essence. In addition to the usual condiments, diners can also enjoy chicken strips and fish cakes. Make sure to squeeze and drizzle that lime juice!

Kak Zah

Kak Zah Cendol & mee rebus
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Do you enjoy having dessert after a meal? Well then you’re in luck! This food truck not only serves up some mee rebus Johor, you can also enjoy cendol. Some diners have mentioned that the gravy for the noodles is a bit sweeter than usual. It’s all up to personal preference. After slurping up some mee rebus, why not treat yourself so a nice bowl of cendol.