Top 10 Best-Selling Malaysian Made E-Juices

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Among the countries in Asia, Malaysia is one of the countries more active in the vape industry. Back in 2015, Malaysia was also known as “Asia’s vaping wonderland”, according to PRI. Due to its popularity, it’s no surprise that locals have launched into the brewing business as well, creating fun and interesting e-juices. Some of these “local brews” have also made it big in the international market, and these are the top 10 best-sellers, made by Malaysians!

1) Fcukin’ Munkey by Fcukin’ Flava

Menthol-infused, Fcukin’ Munkey comprises of a fruity honeydew flavour, with just a hint of bubblegum. However, it isn’t overly sweet, so vapers won’t get sick of it too quickly.

2) Horny Mango by Horny Flava

Everyone loves mangoes, don’t they? Having a pure base, Horny Flava’s Horny Mango flavour stands out from other mango e-juices, therefore securing its spot at no. 2!

3) Vintage Classic (Lemon Sangria) by Basic Vapor

A combination that has stood the test of time, lemon and cola takes centrestage in Vintage Classic. It also finished with a sangria aftertaste, creating a swirl of different sensations.

4) Mango Blackcurrant by AJ Vape

A sweet combination, blackcurrant flavours thread through the stronger mango taste. Awaken your senses with this delectable combo of Mango Blackcurrant!

5) Lemon Mojito by Brewtender

Refresh yourself with this elaborate Lemon Mojito blend! It has a lemonade base, infused with rum and mint leave flavours.

6) Mango by Cloud Niners

Can’t get enough of mango? Add this mango-flavoured e-juice (third mango flavour in the list!) to your stash!

7) Asap Grape by Nasty Juice

“Asap” means vapour in Malay, so this flavour is literally grape vapour. Not only is it not overly sweet, but it also doesn’t leave behind an acrid aftertaste many other grape flavours do.

8) Orange Soda by Chunky Juice

Fizzy, bubbly and sweet! Yet another refreshing citrus flavour, Orange Soda combines the sweetness of oranges and the playfulness of sodas!

9) Pink Diamond by Medusa

A burst of sweet pomegranate flavour hits you at first puff, drawing you in to a combination of sweet and sour candy. It’s so intoxicating, it will leave you wanting more!

10) Fizzy Wild Berries by Mohawk & Co.

Employing three different forest berries, this e-juice is sweet, sweet, sweet. As for what the forest berries are, Mohawk & Co. would like to be a little mysterious, so they’re not telling!

But that’s not all! Even though the above are the best-sellers, there are still a few more note-worthy flavours that you may want to try out below.

Honourable Mentions:

Cola by Vaping ApeA full-bodied fizzy cola flavour!

Grape Bubblegum by Drip AddictA sweet flavour of grape combined with bubblegum!

G-Force (Green) by NOSA full-on fruit flavour with grape and blackcurrant flavours!

Graple by PhatjuiceA refreshing blend of grape, red apple, and just a hint of mint!

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