This Woman Baked Beautiful Batik Swiss Rolls For Her Muslim Friends

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Malaysia is a peaceful country where people of different races and ethnicities live together in harmony. This includes respecting each others festivities and passing our wishes during this time. A lady in KL has gone viral after pictures of beautiful batik swiss rolls that she made for her muslim friends received lots of love.

Her name is Keem Ooi and she is from Kuala Lumpur. She is a self-taught baker which only makes this even better. With the Raya season coming up, she decided to try her hand at some beautiful swiss rolls to give to her muslim friends.

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The swiss rolls feature very intricate and colourful batik designs. Batik is a very traditional Malay motif that can usually be found on their clothes.

She uses natural colourings for the cakes which really shows she thought and effort she put in.

After her post received over 3,000 likes on Instagram, she made a few more new designs. All the designs are intricate and detailed with a lot of attention to the design.

Taking to Instagram, she also shared some short video tutorials of how she piped out the cake design. Detailed elements such as the flowers are piped first before she uses some coloured mix to fill in the space.

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Looking through her Instagram, it is easy to see how passionate she is about baking. There are all sorts of other beautiful and intricately designed baked goods.

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This includes cakes, macaroons, and even some really nice looking croissants. We all know how hard it can be to make croissants especially in our Malaysian heat. There really is a strong dedication and passion to baking here.

It is so sweet how she took the time and effort to create such beautiful gifts for her friends to have during Raya. People like her can make the world seem so much brighter.