This Malaysian Student Created A Local Version Of The Pokémon Game!

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When the Pokémon game was released by Nintendo it had everyone in a frenzy. Players were going to the gym and battling it out with their Pokémons. They had to catch them all. In an impressive move, a Malaysian student has recently created a local version of the famous game.

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Players of the localised game will find themselves looking at a very familiar map. The map of Malaysia! The game map includes all the states, from Kedah to Johor and Sabah to Sarawak.

When players start the game you will find yourself in Seremban. Why? Because Mokessh Kannah, the creator of the game, is from Seremban. On the map, players can explore local spots like Pahang’s Lake Chini and even Rompin, a town in Negeri Sembilan.

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Non-playable characters might look a bit familiar. This is because they are based off on our locals and will have Malaysian names. Maybe the uncle and aunty selling curry mee from down the road will be in the game giving you a quest.

Kannah created his own version of the game just for fun to be played amongst friends. He used the RPG Softmaker XP software which he purchased from Steam. Along with the software he also received some Pokémon Essentials.

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In a great show of perseverance and determination, Kannah taught himself how to use the software and then created the game all by himself. Well, he had a little help from YouTube but it’s mostly him!

The game map is based on images he downloaded from online. Using the Malaysian map as a reference, he began editing the Pokémon version of it. Editing of locations like our cities, towns, and routes happened with the magic of Adobe Photoshop editor.

Kannah’s version of the game features the first up to the fifth generations of Pokémons to make it extra fun! He has taken a few gaming elements from ‘Pokémon Rub & Saphire’, ‘Black & White’ as well as ‘Diamond & Pearl’.

Unfortunately, because this isn’t an official version from Nintendo not everyone will get to play. There is only a limited number of players who can access it and Kannah is sharing the game file directly.