This Kid Is Second In The WORLD For Speedcubing With His Feet

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I struggle to solve a rubik’s cube with my two hands but there are people around the world solving it with their feet. And they are solving it really fast! A Malaysian kid has been ranked as the second fastest person for speedcubing with his feet.

Sometimes you forget how creative and amazing humans can be and then a story like this pops up.

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11-year old Lim Hung was first introduced to the rubik’s cube back in 2016 where he successfully solved it in two weeks. He did this with the help of some tutorials on YouTube. After this he was hooked.

He then got into speedcubing which is the hobby of solving puzzles, most commonly a rubik’s cube, as fast as possible. His average record for solving the rubik’s cube with his feet is 24.86 seconds!

In fact, he is actually the fastest in Asia for this speed defying hobby.

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During the Medan Farewell 2019 speedcubing competition in Indonesia, he achieved his new record. This means he is the fastest in Asia. It also means that in the world he is now ranked second.

This record is recognised by the World Cube Association. How cool is that!

After dominating the competition he said “I still can’t believe that I made it! I didn’t expect much because I would then get nervous. I just went to the competition and tried my best.”

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Lim has joined many competitions, from local ones to even international levels. He has been to New Zealand and Taiwan and won a placing in both.

As of the 28th of September 2018, he is officially in the Malaysia Book of Records. His achievement is for the Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solved with Feet. He successfully did this in 29.352 seconds.

It is so impressive how a hobby can be taken to the next level of awesome. Hopefully he will inspire some people.