This Is Why Black Tea Should Be Part Of Your New Skincare Routine

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When it comes to taking care of our skin it’s best to go as natural as possible. This is because products with lots of harsh chemicals may end up doing more harm than good. But did you know that something as simple and accessible as black tea is great for your skin? There are lots of benefits for drinking black tea but also for applying it to your skin!

Black tea
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Firstly, let’s talk about what black tea is. The Camellia Sinensis leaf is actually the source of a few popular teas. It’s responsible for your oolong, green, white, and black tea. In fact, the only difference between all these teas is how much oxidisation the leaves go through.

Black tea is more oxidised than the other teas and is therefore stronger in flavour. Another perk is that it retains its flavour much longer than the others. it can last up to several years and still provide the same taste as before.

Moving on, while there are plenty of health benefits from drinking black tea we bet you didn’t know you could also apply it to your skin. Yup, applying the tea straight to your skin can bring more benefits than you would expect.

Black tea on skin
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Do you have puffy eyes and dark circles when you wake up in the morning? Just make sure to put some tea bags in the fridge the night before. Place the cool tea bags over your eyes and enjoy that relief. It will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Next, if your skin is feeling a little malnourished there are a few ways to use black tea to help it. You can try having a herbal bath to give your skin a little antioxidant boost.

Applying it to your skin can also help fight against skin infections, blemishes, and premature aging. Applying the cooled tea with a towel to affected skin will also help with sunburn.

Mistine Milk Tea Body Lotion
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This all sounds pretty good right? Well a company in Thailand called Mistine wants to leverage on these health benefits. Which is why they have created a Milk Tea Body lotion with cute packaging that features little boba pearls.

The lotion is available on the Mistine app or at Lazada for 99baht. If you find that boiling and preparing your own tea every time is a bit troublesome, then maybe try this product.