These 5 Malaysian Organisations Need Your Support To Fight Covid-19

Image credit: and MMA Sabah

At the beginning of the year, we were facing increasing numbers in Covid-19 cases. As a result, we underwent the Movement Control Order (MCO) while our frontliners took on the battle. Malaysians came together to provide as much support as possible whether in the form of donations, volunteering, or just doing their part and staying home. Now the number of cases are on the rise again and organisations are in need of help. Here are five Malaysian organisations that need your support.

1. Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)

Covid-19 Emergency fund
Image credit: Malaysian Relief Agency

The Malaysian Relief Agency is a humanitarian organisation that aims to provide assistance to those affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts. In addition, they are now fundraising to provide PPE, food, and medical attention to those in Sabah. As of 31st October, MRA has raised over RM100,000 in donations.

2. Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)

Malaysian Covid-19 funds
Image credit: Malaysian Medical Association

Next, Sabah is struggling with a high number of cases each day. Therefore, MMA Sabah and MMA Foundation have set up the MMA Sabah Covid-19 fund. It will aid in purchasing healthcare equipment, medical supplies, PPE, and more. Additionally, MMA Sabah has set up a dashboard to promote transparency with the collection and use of the fund.

3. MERCY Malaysia

MERCY Malaysia covid-19 fund
Image credit: MERCY Malaysia

Moving on, MERCY Malaysia is also doing their part in preventing or slowing transmission. The donations will help fund their efforts across Malaysia which include volunteers and screening stations. Furthermore, they are assisting in supplying ICU and other related healthcare equipment.

4. Malaysian Red Crescent

Covid-19 Emergency Fund MRCS
Image credit: Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Red Crescent is accepting donations to help their 200 volunteers all around Sabah. In fact, the fund will provide a wide range of assistance in a few ways. First is the deployment of medical professionals as well as logistic support for medical deliveries. Other than that, they are assisting with community psychosocial support, blood donation programmes, and community aid.

5. RumahKita

Malaysian Covid-19 Emergency Fundraising
Image credit: Rumah Kita

Last on our list is RumahKita, a movement by Malaysian NGOs that aim to fulfil verified request lists from hospitals. This is done by coordinating with logistics, suppliers, and donors. Now, they are attempting to fundraise RM300,000 to provide PPEs for frontliners in hospitals and police stations.