The Samsung Galaxy Fold Isn’t THAT Special! Check Out These Phones

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It seems that all anyone is talking about nowadays is the new Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. The fact that this phone is venturing into a new space of being foldable is blowing everyone’s mind. It’s a concept no one thought would ever happen and it’s never been seen before. But Samsung isn’t the only one out there experimenting in this space.

Bigger, Bigger, BIGGER!

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It seems like things keep coming full circle. Back in the 2000’s everyone was trying to get their hands on a flip phone. It was such a cool thing to just flip it open and do what needed to be done. And then technology introduced a fully touch screen phone which comes in the format that we’re all familiar with.

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Slowly technology has been moving us towards bigger and bigger screens. Not only are phones themselves getting bigger but so are the screens. The latest phones barely have any bezels now to provide a more immersive experience. But how big can a phone get before it’s considered outright ridiculous?

It seems that the folks in the tech industry have decided to merge the concept of a flip phone with the experience of a large screen. Imagine having the ability to double your phone screen size without carrying it around like that.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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The hype and focus is currently on Samsung and their new Samsung Galaxy Fold. I think it’s because they are such a huge brand in the market. But of course it’s also because they’ve been really pushing to be amongst the first to release such a concept phone.

However, rushing their phones came with a price. Review units were handed out right before it’s launch in April and immediately problems began popping up. Many of these reviewers found that their screens were dying at alarming rates.

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Within just a few days of getting their hands on a unit, they were reporting that the screen was going completely black. There was even warping happening on the screen. And so Samsung had to recall their units back and do further tests and troubleshooting.

Yet if I’m being honest, the Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t as special as everyone is making it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, the concept of having a folding smartphone is super impressive and truly shows where technology is going.

Who Else is Doing it?

However, their design is only one among a few new designs that other companies are experimenting with. It we truly want to take a good look at the future of folding phones then it’s important to truly know who are all the players on the field first. Who are the ones taking that risk.

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Firstly, we have the Huawei Mate X which has been co-engineered with Leica. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the screen on this one is on the outside. It offers users the ability to feel like you’re using a normal phone as well.

When folded, the main screen is the size of your regular smartphone. On the back is the secondary screen and a portion that is used for the cameras. What’s also cool about this phone is that if you turn it over, you can use the secondary screen to take selfies.

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Moving on, another contender on the field is Xiaomi with their Mi Fold. Just like Huawei, their phone will also have the screen on the outside. But what they’re doing different is that the phone will have two sections that fold. Not much has been revealed yet but you can check out their promo video.

There are a few more phones out there still in the works such as the Motorola Razr and the LG Bendi. Let’s keep an eye out for those as well to truly gauge just where the future of folding phones lie. These companies are taking big risks to be part of the first generation in a whole new concept.