The KAWS X Uniqlo Collection In China Is Causing Chaos In Stores

A special KAWS X Uniqlo collection recently dropped in China and sent customers into a complete frenzy. Absolute chaos ensued with customers going to the extremes to get their hands on some products.

KAWS whose real name is Brian Donnelly is an American artist and designer. His work has been gaining popularity around the world. This is not his first time working with the popular Japanese retailer.

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He previously collaborated with them on the KAWS X Sesame Street X Uniqlo collection. Products included the Sesame Street characters X’s on their eyes which seems to be KAWS signature design.

When his new collection with Uniqlo released on Monday morning (3rd of June), Chinese shoppers went chaotic. They were lining up in front of the shop and as soon as the shutters begin to lift, they crawled into the shop.

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Everyone was scrambling and pulling each other in attempts to reach the products first. You can see them grabbing whatever they can without even checking about sizes etc.

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Some of them even climbed on to the display and pulled apart the mannequins to grab what they were wearing. There were shoppers that ended up in a brawl outside the shop.

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It looks like someone even dropped their phone while running to Uniqlo and did not bother to pick it up. You can watch the video here.

One possible reason for this frenzy could be that this is KAWS last collaboration with Uniqlo. He took to his Instagram to post a picture of the Uniqlo store with his product design on the store window.

He writes “I really hope you enjoy it because I have decided this collection with UT will be my last.” Thus it is possible that fans are going crazy trying to grab products of his last ever collaboration with Uniqlo.

Another reason that has surfaced is that these shoppers are just intensely competitive. They enjoy the rush of adrenaline when fighting for the products with others. It is a competition to see who can get the most products.

One shopper has posted online saying that “I finally understand now, what I love is not UNIQLO, nor KAWS – what I love is to rush and clash with all these people!”

This is such a crazy situation especially considering that this isn’t a limited edition line. The collection will also be going on sale in the US and UK soon. Would you go to such lengths to get your hands on a product?