The 7 Ways We’ve Completely Ruined Durian For Ourselves

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Durian is that one fruit that you either love to eat or hate with a burning passion. However, it seems that there are people taking their love for durian a few steps further. Here are the 7 ways we’ve completely ruined durian.

1. Durian Whisky

Many people have been advised not to eat durian and drink alcohol at the same time. This is because both are considered to be heaty for the body and disrupts the balance of yin and yang. Which is why this concoction seems a bit strange.

A close up of Durian Whisky's label reveals that it was made by Malaysian company Tropical Wines Sdn Bhd.
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2. Musang King Durian Burger

Instead of getting ooey gooey cheesy goodness when you take a bite of your burger, you get the sharp taste of durian. Ric’s Burger is the mastermind behind this burger that infuses musang king durian flesh into the patty.

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3. Milo Kaw Cheese Durian

I’m not even sure where to begin with this. You get a nice glass of iced milo kaw and there’s durian sitting on top. It is unsure if you need to mix the durian in or if you eat it on its own. The shop, Cheese Banjir, also has other drinks that are served with durian.

4. Nasi Lemak Durian

There are a few versions of this twist on our favourite local dish. Some nasi lemak’s come with durian by the side while others have incorporated the durian straight into the dish. You can find nasi lemak with sambal durian at Durian Kingdom in Central Market.

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5. Durian Pizza

Many of us have seen the arguments on whether pineapples are an acceptable pizza topping. While we were busy focusing on pineapples, Durianity was putting durian on pizza!

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6. Durian Yee Sang

The same people at Durianity didn’t stop at just pizza, they also brought their love for durian to Yee Sang. At your next Chinese New Year dinner you might be tossing up some durian with your Yee Sang.

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7. Durian Bubble Tea

Last but not least, how could our latest craze of bubble tea not have a crossover with durian. Tealive has introduced three new drinks that feature real D24 durian. You could get the duriang milk tea, duriang coco, or duriang smoothie.

There are definitely ways to incorporate durian into other food that is delicious like durian cake for example. However, this year has been a really good year for durian to meet new food. What do you think? Has durian been ruined or do you love everything durian?