An Unofficial Guide to Spotting Malaysians Abroad

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Malaysians, we see you. You try your best to blend in with your new surroundings, but somehow you tend to reveal your inherent Malaysianness. If you’ve ever wondered how your cover was blown, check out our unofficial guide below and see if you recognize some tell-tale signs.

1) The Accent

You know lah, this is inevitable. When you’re abroad, you may try to fit in with the locals by adopting their local slang or accent. Sometimes though, a sentence MUST be punctuated with a “lah”.

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2) They Compare the Food

Malaysians are all food critics. It’s not that food abroad is bad, it’s just that it’s natural to compare them to food at home. If you hear the next table commenting on food and comparing the taste, the chances are, they are from Malaysia!

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3) The Need for Spicy Enhancements

That extra kick in taste is what a Malaysian would look for. If you spot someone asking for any form of hot sauce just try asking where they’re from.

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4) The Camera “Eats” First

Nobody loves food as much as Malaysians do. We love our food so much we let our camera eats first. Some go as far as to stand up to get just the right angle or even artistically arrange the food. Only a Malaysian would take their food that seriously.

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5) The Casual Dressing Style

Regardless of the fashion style abroad, Malaysians have their own dressing style which is usually casual and comfortable. If you spot someone in their shorts and flip flops, chances are, they are Malaysians!

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6) They Flock Together

There’s a tendency for Malaysians to hang out in a group. If they flock together, dress casually and speak in an unique accent, you can be 100% sure that they are Malaysians!

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7) They Bargain

“Got discount or not?”, “I buy so much, give discount a bit lah”. If you overheard all these conversations about bargaining, chances are you are standing next to Malaysians.

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Got any more ways to spot a Malaysian abroad? Tell us in the comments!