Singapore Airlines And Thai Airways: Fly To Nowhere And Eat On A Plane

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While everyone is adjusting to the new way of life, there are still some things that we miss. Most of us probably had a lot of overseas vacation plans that had to be cancelled. Our government is still prohibiting international travel unless for specific reasons. For example, students who are studying abroad or expats returning home. Many of us are taking this opportunity to explore our homeland and the many cultures in each state. However, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways are giving their passengers a whole new experience.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines now flying to nowhere
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Any Singaporeans who are itching to get on a flight can now book one to nowhere. What do we mean by nowhere? Singapore Airlines will soon allow you to book trips that start and end at the same airport. It is all just for the experience of flying again, from checking in to boarding and to landing.

In addition, the flights to and from Changi airport may come together in a bundle. These can include staycation in hotels, shopping vouchers, as well as limousine ferry rides. According to the airlines, the flights to nowhere are set to take place by the end of October. This is part of an effort to help boost passenger traffic after a survey showed that 75% of the participants are willing to take flights of this nature.

Singapore Airlines implement SOPs
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However, Singapore Airlines is actually not the first to offer these type of flights. Japanese airline ANA also sold tickets for flights to nowhere for passengers. Meanwhile, two Taiwan carriers also ran similar efforts. Of course there will still be SOPs in place such as social distancing and temperature recording.

Thai Airways

Thai airways pop-up restaurant
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Meanwhile, Thai Airways is giving their passengers a taste of the sky again by opening a pop-up restaurant. It is located in the Bangkok headquarters and is designed to make you feel like you’re in a plane. This includes having to climb those pesky stairs like you would to board and disembark a flight.

Thai airways opens pop-up restaurant
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Inside the canteen you will find Thai Airways’ signature purple and orange plane seats. Here you can order meals that you can only find on a Thai Airways in-flight meal menu. At 7AM they serve breakfast and the international menu begins at 9AM. Customers can order Caesar Salad, Japanese yakisoba, shwarma kebabs, and more.

If any of you are missing some airline food, then check out Santan which is AirAsia’s first ever store. At Santan you can enjoy some classic Malaysian dishes that is also served to passengers on flight.