Should You Get A Part-Time Or Full-Time Helper?

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With the COVID-19 virus still running rampant and times still uncertain, most people are still working from home. A clean and conducive home environment can greatly boost productivity levels and well, help us stay sane. Ironing, vacuuming and mopping the floors, washing your toilets, cleaning your kitchen, wiping your windows, changing bed linens, dusting of pillows… the list of chores goes on. If you belong to 99% of the population who dislike chores, why not engage someone to help you clean? If you’re wondering what the benefits are to engaging part-time or full-time help respectively, here are some considerations:

You Should Get A Part Time Helper if…

  1. You are on a tight budget

    In this current economic climate, it may be prudent to cut back on certain non-essential expenses, one of which would be the cost of hiring a full-time helper. There may be some people who would rather eliminate this cost by doing the cleaning themselves, but let’s face it — if you are reading this article it’s likely that you are looking for household help. Hiring a part-time maid from a reliable platform like Helpling would definitely be more wallet-friendly as compared to hiring someone full-time. A part-time cleaner for a 3-hour cleaning session every week would cost you about $250 a month. (Prices based on the average rates from Helpling.) A full-time helper can cost you 6 times that of a part-time cleaner, inclusive of all expenses. Unless you really need a full-time helper, a part-time cleaner makes much more financial sense.

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  2. You value privacy within your own home

    Not everyone is comfortable with having a domestic helper living with them. As such, a part-time cleaner allows for more flexibility and privacy as they will be there for the set amount of time and leave once the job is done. Most people opt for a weekly cleaning session, where the part-time cleaner will come in every week to do the laundry, wash the toilets and other chores assigned by you.

  3. You want a flexible, personalized and fuss-free home cleaning experience

    Full-time helpers come with higher levels of commitment, which can be a double-edged sword. Once a contract is signed with a maid agency, it would be difficult to switch to another helper, especially with the limited pool of direct transfer maids in Singapore due to the current travel ban. On the other hand, part-time cleaners essentially come with little to no commitment. On a platform like Helpling, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of work of one cleaner, you can easily request a switch at no extra cost. If you want to pause the cleaning service for a period of time, you do have the flexibility of doing so and you just have to give notice to the platform.

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You Should Get a Full Time Helper if…

  1. You are willing to pay a premium price for 24/7 household help

    A full-time helper may be worth the hefty price tag if you require someone to be constantly on standby and to be able to handle a wide range of tasks, such as taking care of young children and the elderly, cooking and running errands. Thus, engaging a full-time helper may be more suitable for multi-generation families due to the volume of housekeeping and caregiving responsibilities they require help with. Keep in mind that full time helpers are entitled to their vacation days and you may have to arrange an alternative source of help for days when your full-time helper is sick/on their off-day.

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  2. You have a high volume of household tasks

    If you require someone to do housework every day, a full-time helper may be more cost- effective. For instance, you live in a landed property with many rooms and toilets. Hence it may be better for you to have a full time helper as the helper will have places around the house to clean every day. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger living in your home, then booking a cleaning service on demand may still be more suitable  or you. Ultimately, you have to take into consideration all the factors above and decide whether a full-time helper or a part-time maid is most suitable for you.

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Before committing to a part-time or a full-time helper, it would be wise to fully evaluate your needs to see which option is the right fit for you. If you are still torn between the two options, we suggest trying out the lower cost option of the part-time cleaning service first to see if it suits your lifestyle.

With that, check out Helpling, the leading marketplace for home cleaning!