Self-Made Software Earns Incredible 14-Year Old Malaysian RM50K

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We have seen a lot of young Malaysians achieving great things and making us proud. The latest news is about young Muhammad Akmal Hazim who is really good at IT. How good? Well at just the age of 13-years old he successfully created his own software!

What were we all doing at 13? Probably running around and playing games. Meanwhile we have young teenagers like Muhammad Akmal creating a software all by himself. The best part about this software is that he gets to make an annual income of RM50,000. Wah!

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His website is called BenchPoint and it provides clients with remote speed test solutions as well as internet benchmarking systems. Clients are able to conduct their own speed tests on their servers.

This allows them to test and gauge the load that their servers are able to handle. Through this, clients are able to predict the ability of their servers when it comes to handling massive traffic.

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Moving on they can make any adjustments or upgrades they see necessary. So far, Muhammad Akmal has about 400 clients a year using his software and website.

But how did a young kid come up with the idea for this self-made software? The idea came when one of his clients complained about wasting time. They had to go back and forth in order to monitor the servers.

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Thus, Muhammad Akmal decided to create this software that is installed by clients. They then copy and paste a code into their servers. After that, all they have to do is manage the speed test from a web interface.

So what are his future plans? Muhammad Akmal is hoping to create a platform for Malaysians that increases internet speeds while avoiding downtime. This would be a great help for anyone complaining about slow Internet speeds.