Renovating Your Home Office – 5 Electrical Features You Must Consider

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According to a report from FlexJobs, 3.9 million people work from home at least half a week in the U.S. alone. This phenomenon is also taking place globally with similar statistics. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a dedicated home office, whether you need to telecommute or are self-employed. When renovating your home office, one of the most important aspects to consider is electricity. Installing customized electrical features is not only functional, but safe as well. In this post, we will discuss the electrical features you should consider when renovating your home office.

1) Power Upgrade

If your house dates back to a decade or two, chances are your panels are outdated and they likely have fuses, or that space available to add circuits is limited. Worse still, many old panels are not only outdated, they are also of low quality and may overload your electrical circuit if you need to use high-end electrical equipment in your home office. Therefore, they need to be changed. An electric service and electrical wiring upgrade is what you need to increase your power consumption capacity.

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2) Electrical Outlets

Many people think about how they are going to furnish their office only after the renovation is completed. However, taking the opposite approach, i.e. determining it even before you begin the remodeling process is usually the best. If not anything, it will help you decide where to place your electrical outlets. As a safety precaution, you can even ask your electrician to install electrical outlets higher on the wall so that young children cannot reach them. Having a proper plan before you begin with the renovation process will help avoid those extension cords from becoming a distraction and hazard.

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3) USB Connections

Living in a technology-driven era, we need more than just a desktop computer to conduct business. High-end laptops, smartphones, and tablets are part of our everyday life. And to function, these devices need USB cords. Therefore, it is beneficial to eliminate adapters and instead have USB connections on the electrical outletsThis will allow you to charge your USB devices directly from the wall, meaning that there will be no interference with the AC outlets. As a result, you will have ample space to plug in other electrical devices.

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4) Have A Separate Electrical Meter For Home Office

Since you are aiming to create a fully functional work space, why not install a separate meter too? This meter will measure only the electrical usage of your home office while the regular meter is for the rest of your home. Think about it – you can now have a separate bill for your business electrical expenses, thanks to the dedicated meter for your home office. You can also have tax benefits by showing these expenses as deductions. That’s indeed something to mull over.

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5) Go Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient will not only help you minimize the power usage and save on big bucks, but will also make you more productive. Here is how to do it right:

  • Set up your workstation in the brightest corner of your home. Make sure the space has ample natural light. Of course, you will still need to install lights powered by electricity for night time, but you can surely save on electricity during the day.
  • Instead of installing a HVAC system (unless it’s necessary), use a portable or ceiling fan in the summer and a space heater in the winter to reduce your electricity bills.
  • Go for energy efficient equipment like laptops instead of desktops, bulbs with energy efficient lighting systems like HID (High-intensity discharge) lamps or LED lamps, power strips, and so on.

Finally, turn off all the lights and equipment when not in use. Even keeping your laptops in standby mode or keeping the chargers on the outlet can increase your electricity bill!

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Setting up your home office can be both exciting and challenging! However, electricity is one area where you must not go wrong. You must manage your power consumption properly not just to avoid getting skyrocketing bills, but also to safeguard your electrical equipment as well as your home from electrical fire incidents. Here’s hoping you can create an energy efficient home office based on the tips!

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