8 Snackalicious Snack Boxes You Can Buy Online

8 Snackalicious Snack Boxes You Can Buy Online

Snack boxes are pretty much self-explanatory. They are basically boxes filled with varieties of snacks. They can be anything — snack-wise, of course — from chocolates to chips, candies, nuts and cookies. They are perfect for gifts, families, office pantries and even for your own consumption. So, here are 8 Snackalicious Snack Boxes You Can Buy Online.

1) Amazin’ Graze Nuts Variety Box

I have to admit their range of snacks come with an above-average price. But it’s the price that justifies its overall quality ingredients. Take their Amazin’ Graze Nuts Variety Box, for instance. It consists of not one but four different nut mixes conveniently packed in a box. Each pack has its distinctive flavours including Coconut Curry Lime, Sweet Chilli, Pandan Coconut and Zesty Maple Glazed Nut Mixes. The latter, for example, has a nice balance of sweet and zesty flavour that make the Zesty Maple Glazed Nut Mixes all the more appetising and yes, snackable.

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Amazin' Graze Nut Variety Box
Image Credit: amazingraze.com.my

2) Mondelēz International Giant Family Snack Pack

Here’s an irresistible snack bundle from Mondelēz International that houses varieties of popular brands in a box. Those brands in question include Cadbury, Oreo, Chipsmore, Jacob’s and Tiger. For instance, there’s the all-time favourite of Cadbury Zip chocolate-coated wafer bar. They even include the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate in mini bite-sized forms and the delicious Mini Chipsmore Double Choc cookies. Chocolates and cookies aside, you will also find Jacob’s Weetameal crackers made from fibre-rich wheat cereal. It’s good enough to eat it on its own or simply dip it in your favourite milk or tea. Rounding up the snack bundle is Cadbury Hot Chocolate Drink, a smooth-tasting hot beverage (tip: consider adding milk instead of water) that complements well with the cookies and crackers.

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Mondelēz International Giant Family Snack Pack
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

3) Childhood Classic Combo

True to its name, Childhood Classic Combo consists of old-school snacks and confectioneries that’ll take you down memory lane. Remember the good old colourful Ice Gem Biscuits that have a dollop of hardened sugar on top? Well, they got them right here. Depending on the Classic Combo (they have 4-5 varieties to choose from!), they include other all-time childhood favourites such as Mi-Mi Prawn-Flavoured Sticks, Haw Flakes, Apollo Wafer Sticks and Lemon Tablets.

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Childhood Classic Combo
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

4) A1 Stay Home Box Combo (20 Items)

The Stay Home Box Combo from the Johor-based A1 (you might recognise the brand for A1 Bak Kut Teh Soup Spices Instant Noodles) houses different kinds of snack-worthy bites and textures. Among the snacks you can find in a box includes the crispy A1 Kuaci made from baked sunflower seeds, the spicy-licious Sukas Sambal Ubi tapioca chips and the sweet Mic Mango Pudding.

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A1 Stay Home Box Combo (20 Items)
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

5) Ipoh Confectionery Snack Box

If you love traditional Ipoh snacks, maybe this one would satisfy your craving. Each box contains four different snacks from the famous Loke Kee brand, which has been around since 1947! This includes the sweet wheat molasses-based Shat Kek Ma, the traditional Hup Toh Soh Chinese walnut cookies, Lou Poh Peng (literally translated as “wife biscuit”) and Original Crispy Thin Biscuits a.k.a. “kai chai peng”.

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Ipoh Confectionery Snack Box
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

6) Beehive Chocolate Happy Package Gift Snack Box

Hershey’s Kisses and Mister Potato in the same package? Yes, please! For the former, you can pick one of three flavours (truffle, strawberry or yoghurt filling) while the latter has five flavours to choose from (e.g. Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy or Original). Each box also includes four packets of Dosfarm sugar-free fruity mints (watermelon, tangerine, peach and guava flavours). Finally, there’s a pack of snack-a-licious trail mix from Big Nuts consisting of assorted nuts (e.g. almonds, cashew nuts) and dried fruits (cranberries, mangoes).

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Beehive Chocolate Happy Package Gift Snack Box
Image Credit: beehivesnackies.com

7) Boxsome

Ever heard of Boxsome? They specialise in subscription-based snack boxes, where you can either go for a one-time purchase, 3-month or 6-month prepaid plan basis. So, they basically source different kinds of snacks available worldwide and the Boxsome team would handpick them (read: only the best and delicious ones go into the box). And the best thing about Boxsome? The snacks varied from time to time (i.e. no repeated goodies each time you receive the snack box in front of your doorsteps). Among the snacks you will get include chips, chocolates, candies and biscuits, just to name a few. You can either go for Starter Snack Box or Premium Snack Box.

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Image Credit: boxsome.co

8) Granny Doris Gourmet Box

With eight different choices of snack boxes available, there’s something for everyone here. For instance, if you prefer all things munching and crunching, their Crunch’ N Munch – Discovery Box is worth getting here. Not only you’ll get a pack of assorted freeze-dried fruits but also roasted mixed nuts and scrumptious chocolate chips butter cookies. Then, there’s Party Box With Juice – Snack Box. It comes with Granny Doris’ handcrafted cold-pressed juice, where you can pick one of 11 flavours (e.g. Double Green – guava & green apple, Golden Passion – passion fruit & pineapple). Other items you will find in a box include a bag of imported potato chips, macarons and fresh fruits.

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Granny Doris
Image Credit: grannydoris.my

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