Putrajaya Approves Hospital Instalment Plan System For Those In Need

Image credit: nst.com.my and moh.gov.bn

Our Malaysian healthcare system is a very good one that is both efficient and widespread. In fact, our government hospitals are equipped with the country’s best healthcare equipment and facilities. In addition, the system heavily subsidises our medical bills which makes it more affordable for everyone. However, there are still circumstances where a patient is unable to make a payment in one lump sum. Therefore, Putrajaya has approved for patients to make payments in instalments.

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While medical bills are heavily subsidised, some patients still have difficulty in paying a large amount in one go. Even patients in the third class wards can face medical bills of up to RM500.

Thankfully, eligible patients in third class wards can now pay for their medical bills in three instalments. This method allows them to seek treatment and pay for it in a more compassionate way.

Government Hospital Third class ward
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For example, a single person living alone off a pension may not be receiving much every month. If they are independent they will also need money for their daily living. This includes buying food, paying their other bills, and other expenses.

Therefore, it is a good initiative from Putrajaya to allow patients to pay in three instalments. However, approval will come on a case-to-case basis. Which means not everyone in the third class wards is eligible to pay in instalments.

government hospital payment counter
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Under the new guidelines, patients must pay 40% of the bill in the first payment. The second and third instalments will be 30% respectively.

While some government hospitals already allow some patients to pay in instalments, there was no standard procedure. The aim now is provide proper guidelines to ensure a better system.

Lastly, poor patients in third class wards can apply for waivers and discounts as well.