Popular Vegetarian Restaurant ‘Ganga Cafe’ Has Opened In Seapark

Image credit: malaymail.com and facebook.com/thegangacafe
Ganga cafe was first brought to us about six years ago by Meeta and Prabodh Sheth who are wife and husband. They decided to open their restaurant in Bangsar to bring wholesome and hearty food to whoever would walk in. Now they have opened a second outlet in Seapark for all the PJ fans.

Ganga cafe is known for its vegetarian dishes coming from India and a few Malaysian inspired dishes. A look through the menu will give you so many options from chapatis, briyani, naans, and more.


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Customers can expect a more homey vibe from the restaurant where the food is cooked from the heart. Ingredients either come from their own farm or local organic farmers. So you know for sure that the food you get is top notch quality.

Even their Facebook page feels like everyone is a family to them. They have posts that are expected such as if an outlet is closed etc. But they also have posts about their customers and how much they appreciate everyone who pops by and gives support.

Also, students get a discount of 12% by just showing their student ID tag.

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The food at Ganga cafe is completely vegetarian with some dishes being served with imitation meat. For example, the Nasi Lemak is served with the option of imitation chicken, fish, or mutton.

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Vegetarianism is practised by people all over the world for many different reasons. This can include health reasons, religious reasons, and personal reasons. Vegetarianism is the practice where all types of meat are avoided.

Meats include red meat, poultry, seafood, and sometimes even the by-products of animals.

It is great to know there is a place where vegetarians and others can go to have great food. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is homey, and now they are in Seapark!