Phoenix From Malaysia Is The First And Only Hijabi Wrestler In The World

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Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana might look small but she is powerful. In fact, she is a pro-wrestler with some serious moves. Also, she is probably the first and only pro-wrestler to wear a hijab in the ring. Her outfit consists of bold fire designs and an orange phoenix logo.

In the beginning she entered the ring with a mask on that had flames flying off her face. Coupled along with her outfit, she was given the name Phoenix by her coach.

Many people were a bit confused in the beginning to see such a small figure in the ring. Some even struggled to make out if she was a boy or a girl thanks to her mask and clothes. Many female pro-wrestlers wear more revealing outfits after all.

After being defeated during the MyPW Wrestlenation back in December 2018, she chose to take off her mask.

She then posted about it online with the caption “Although I lost my pride, this will not put out the flames of the burning passion in me for professional wrestling. This is not the end. It’s a new beginning.”

And thus she went on to many more matches proving herself to be more than meets the eye. This time instead of the mask she chose to continue with a hijab.

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Finally, three years after her debut in the ring she emerges as the MyPW Wrestlecon Champion. In a heartfelt post on her Instagram, she thanked everyone who supported her. This includes her coach, her friends and family, her fans, and her MyPW family.

She continues by warning everyone that they have not seen what Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana is fully capable of. After that, she finishes by saying ‘This is the beginning of a new era.’

Everybody better watch out because she is on the way to kick some butts!