Pet Lovers Centre Has Finally Opened Its First Vet Pharmacy In Johor

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The joy of having pets can be unlike any other. You can have a rabbit, tortoise, cat, dog, or maybe even guinea pigs. Whichever animal you choose, forming a bond with them is a really amazing experience. In fact, pets provide companionship, sometimes a purpose, and can easily boost your mood. However, never get a pet unless you are ready to meet all of its needs including medical ones. Now, those in Johor can easily get basic medication for their pets at the new Pet Lovers Centre with a Vet Pharmacy.

Pet Lovers Centre
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Pet Lovers Centre is a popular pet retail chain here in Malaysia. In fact, most of us are guilty of walking through the shop to look at all the animals. Even if we have no intention of getting one.

Recently, Pet Lovers Centre opened their biggest retail outlet in Mid Valley Southkey. Attached is also its very first Vet Pharmacy which will help pet owners purchase supplements, medicinal shampoos, and receive medical advice.

Vet Pharmacy at Pet Lovers Centre in Johor Bahru
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Examples of some products available are anti-tick and anti-flea medication. In addition, pet owners can also pick up some remedies for common problems. These include heartworm and intestinal worms.

Furthermore, Pet Lovers Centre will be providing owners with nutritional advice and counselling that is tailored to their pets. This will help encourage them to feed their pets well.

Pet Supplements for your furry friend
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Advice that may be given out can be including supplements into a pets diet. This will help with keeping pets healthy and strong. Moreover, by having supplements with flavours, it will be easier for pets to take it.

At the heart of Pet Lovers Centre’s Vet Pharmacy is the mission to share services and knowledge in pet healthcare. Here, pet owners can feel more empowered by taking matters into their own hands. Being able to care for a pet is also another way to strengthen the bond.