Over 600 Divers Set The World Record For Picking Litter From The Ocean

Image credit: nrdc.org and cnn.com

The previous world record for picking up litter and debris from the bottom of the ocean has been broken. Over 600 divers went to the depths of Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier in Florida.

A Guinness World Record For Picking Litter

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Image credit: guinnessworldrecords.com

Previously, the record was set by a former Egyptian Army scuba diver named Ahmed Gabr back in 2015. He successfully got 614 scuba divers to help him clean the under waters of the Red Sea.

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Now, 633 divers strapped on their aqualungs and plunged into Florida waters to pick up litter. As of now, it has not been specified just how much rubbish has been collected. However, it is said that divers collected 725kg of just lead fishing weights.

In order to set the new record each diver had to stay in the water for at least 15 minutes. On site was Guinness officiator Michael Empric to make sure that everything was according to plan. In fact, he ticked off each diver as they entered the water just to be sure of the number.

It’s Important

Having this clean up on such a mass scale is a good way of clearing all the rubbish and plastic in the ocean. Perhaps by setting the world record, some people out there will be inspired to break it.

Everybody and every country should strive towards better efforts at taking care of planet Earth. It is up to every person whether young or old, no matter the race or gender, to take care of our home. There is no plan(et) B.

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Malaysia has recently been taking steps in the right direction with introduction of banning single use plastics. This includes plastic bags and straws. Also, eateries have also been banned from using styrofoam containers.

Currently the policies are still in their introductory phases and have not completely been welcomed by the public.

Hopefully we will continue in growing these efforts to take care of Mother Nature.