Our Wushu Team Proudly Received EIGHT Medals At Global Competition

Malaysian wushu team
Image credit: facebook.com/wushumas

The World Wushu Championships (WWC) is considered to be the official world championship event. It is hosted by the International Wushu Federation and takes place every two years. In fact, it is the highest competitive level within the sport of wushu. And our amazing wushu team managed to bag EIGHT medals at the recent event!

Malaysian Wushu Team
Image credit: facebook.com/wushumas

Firstly, a huge congratulations to our awesome wushu team for such an incredible achievement! At this year’s 2019 championships in Shanghai the team did so well that they were awarded with a total of eight medals.

During the last competition, our wushu team came in at 8th place overall. This year they successfully came in at 6th place which is still an improvement. It shows that they are on the way to the top as long as they continue working hard.

Out of the eight medals, two of them are gold, five are silvers, and the last one is a bronze medal.

World Wushu Championship
Image credit: world.wushu-rt.ru

Moving on, the competition sees a total of 37 countries coming together to compete against each other. There are 44 different categories for the teams to compete in and showcase their skills.

Our Malaysian team was awarded with the two gold medals in the men’s Xing Yi Quan and the women’s Nan Dao categories.

Xing Yi Quan
Image credit: facebook.com/wushumas

Performing in the men’s Xing Yi Quan category was Chuah Shang Yang. Xing Yi Quan is considered to be an aggressive form of wushu that utilises explosive power. It is also applied from a short range with coordinated movements that generate bursts of power.

Malaysian Wushu Team - Nan Dao
Image credit: facebook.com/wushumas

Meanwhile in the Nan Dao category was Tan Cheong Min whose performance was worthy of gold. Nan Dao is classified as a southern broadsword style of wushu.