Oui, Here are 8 French Dessert & Pastry Places in KL & Selangor

Image Credits: Lachér Patisserie's and Champignons Patisserie's Facebook Pages

If you, like us, like all things sweet and/or baked, then you’re reading the right list. Focusing on French desserts and pastries, this list is for us as much as it is for you. From macarons, mille feuille, madeleines and more, get your fill of them at these French dessert and pastry places in KL & Selangor! Bon appétit!

1) Lachér Patisserie

Lachér Patisserie is a French-inspired online cake shop serving fine French entremets and classic premium cakes, combining quality, freshness, and convenience. Their ideology is simple: to make French desserts more accessible, and that’s exactly what they did. You can opt for whole cakes/tarts, or go for their individual desserts which are in the form of petit gâteaux, available in an Afternoon Treat or Teatime Set. We had a birthday in the team recently, and we got the Kochi Yuzu Mango Tart. The fresh tartness of the yuzu hits you immediately, but the sweet almond base balances it out nicely, and it’s quite addictive once you get used to the swirling, contrasting flavours!

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Image Credit: Lachér Patisserie’s Facebook Page

2) JCL Patisserie

JCL Patisserie serves the cutest, prettiest creations–just take a look at their social media pages! Some of their products include entremets, tarts, cakes, choux, and a variety of other pastries. Orders have to be made three days in advance, and if you have something specific in mind, they’re open to customisation and collaborations as well! They also come up with special creations in line with festive seasons, so you can enjoy these sweet treats during the holidays.

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Image Credit: JCL Patisserie’s Facebook Page

3) Xiao by Crustz

From small bites to whole cakes, Xiao by Crustz has them all under one roof! Perhaps what’s most interesting is their petit gâteaux set which comes in a set of four, either the Belle set or the Fleur set. Between these two sets, you’ll get to try a variety of pastries in various flavours, including mango, blueberry, lemon, dark chocolate, green tea, and raspberry just to name a few. If that’s not enough, you can also try out their high tea set or get some beautiful macarons!

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Image Credit: Xiao by Crustz Facebook Page

4) Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

At Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie, French-inspired pastries and desserts isn’t all you can get. They specialise in Japnese-inspired pastries as well! Their pastries made fresh every day in their traditional stone oven using only the very best, freshest ingredients, and their signature products include croissants, chocolate danishes, and chocolate log bread. Yum! For those with a sweet tooth, you can look forward to assorted cup cakes and macarons, as well as Chocolate Truffle Cake, La Nocciola, and Apple Bavarian Cake! Besides pastries and dessert, do also drop by for a sit-down meal!

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Image Credit: Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie’s Facebook Page

5) Enchante Patisserie

Nice to meet you, indeed. Enchante Patisserie is all about the quality instead of the quantity, where all products are made by World Champion-trained chefs. Enchante Patisserie also cleverly infuses local flavours into their products, resulting in Pandan Layer Log Cake, Raya Butter Toast Paris Brest, and “Ondeh” – Pandan Gula Melaka cakes. Besides whole cakes, they occasionally provide petit gâteaux sets as well–keep an eye of their social media pages to get the latest scoop!

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Image Credit: Enchante Patisserie’s Facebook Page

6) Champignons Patisserie

The creations at Champignons Patisserie are inspired by the four seasons of nature, and at time of writing, they have a summer collection available. Besides the seasonal collections, they also have signature collections or individual products available as well, so check out their social media pages to view their beautiful creations and place your orders on their website. Most of their products feature mousse, ganache, compote… but what do we know? We’re here to eat, and they all look good!

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Image Credit: Champignons Patisserie’s Facebook Page

7) Touche Pastries and More

At Touche Pastries, you’ll be able to get your hands on freshly-baked pastries… and more. There are egg tarts, croissants, pain au chocolat, bread, caneles; you name it, they probably have it. Though it may not look fancy, this is where to come to get no frills French pastries, and just slow down for a bit. Besides pastries, you can also opt to have meals (specifically breakfast, brunch, or dinner), and enjoy a good cup of coffee there as well!

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Image Credit: Touche Pastries and More’s Facebook Page

8) Maison des Pains

With two locations at Publika and Tropicana Gardens Mall, Maison des Pains offers authentic French breads and pastries. They have a variety of options to choose from, ranging from croissants to cinnamon rolls, and a variety of bread, danishes, madeleines, and scones just to name a few. Every once in a while, they also have new products, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media pages!

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Image Credit: Maison des Pain’s Facebook Page

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