Olivia Lim Wins First Place At International Piano Competition And She’s 6!

Image credit: worldofbuzz.com and therakyatpost.com

Olivia Lim Ling is a musical prodigy with great skill in playing the piano. She has won numerous competitions, both national and international. In her latest achievement, she successfully won first place in the 2019 Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso competition. Oh and did I mention she’s only six years old?

At just six years old, Olivia Lim was up against some pretty tough competition with many great players from all over the world. In the competition were young piano players from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, and Spain.

Olivia Lim
Image credit: sinchew.com.my

Unfazed by the other players, Olivia wowed the judges with her playing of Chopin’s Waltz in E-Flat Major (Sostenuto). The composition is one of Frederic Chopin’s first published waltz for solo piano.

After that, she was invited by the organisers of the competition to perform at the Grand Prize Virtuoso Ceremony. It was held on the 3rd of September at the Wiener Musikverein concert hall in Vienna. To add, the hall is considered to be one of the finest in the world.

However, this is no new environment for her and she has played in quite a handful of amazing piano halls. In fact, her list boasts the Philharmonie de Paris in France as well as the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Olivia Lim
Image credit: therakyatpost.com

Furthermore, she has been invited to play this year at the Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, New York. The hall is in fact 128 years old! Even Tchaikovsky performed on opening night of the hall where he played Marche solennelle.

Olivia is pretty much a pro as she has been playing since the age of just four years old. The fact that she can play so brilliantly after just two years of playing is a testimony to her skills and talent.

We wish her all the best!