Nokia Is Throwing It Back With A 4G Flip Phone With Google Assistant

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A lot of previous fashion trends have been coming back into popularity. This includes using scrunchies, wearing flare jeans, and also chocker necklaces. But what about technology? In a time where a robot uprising seems imminent, Nokia is throwing it back. They are bringing back the old school flip phone with a modern twist.

Hitting us in the Feels

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Back when the flip phone came out everyone was trying to get their hands on it. We were seeing it in the hands of celebrities like Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian. Remember when Paris Hilton completely blinged up her flip phone and suddenly we all wanted stickers?

So yeah, the telco company is bringing back that nostalgic period with their new Nokia 2720 Flip. Don’t worry, it’s well equipped to handle your new Internet lifestyle.

Nokia 2720 Flip Specs

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In the front you will find a simple 240X240 pixels display that will show you notifications. You will also be able to see any incoming calls and who’s the caller so long as they’re in your contacts.

Flip the phone open and you will see a 2.8″ QVGA colour display and a traditional keypad. This time the keypad has been made bigger to allow for easier texting and dialling.

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Moving on, the new flip phone runs on a Qualcomm 205 Mobile platform with 512GB. KaiOS is the operating system that it runs on. KaiOS is an emerging operating system that brings smartphone functions to more affordable phones.

Don’t worry on missing out on social media platforms because the phone will offer Facebook and Whatsapp. If you have any questions, just ask Google Assistant because this phone has that too!

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Meanwhile, the flip phone comes with 4GB of storage but it can be expanded to 32GB via a microSD card. You will also have Bluetooth 4.2, GPS service, and WiFi support with bandwidth up to 54 Mbps and using 2.4 GHz frequency.

There is also a removable 1,500mAh battery meant to last 27 days on standby. Depending on your market, it could be offered with sing SIM or dual SIM variants. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and will require charging via microUSB.

Nokia is Thinking of You

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The fonts can be enlarged for better readability just like in a normal smartphone. This makes it ideal for anyone who has trouble seeing small letters. Also, there is a button on the side that can be used during emergencies.


When the button is pressed, the phone will send a text or make a phone call to 5 preset contacts. This makes it easier for anyone in an emergency to quickly contact for help. Alternatively, the button can be changed to trigger Google Assistant instead.

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And just to make sure the phone is completely compatible with your Internet needs, there is also 4G with VoLTE. You can also create a hotspot and share your data with those around you.

Nokia says that this throwback flip phone has all the bare essentials but also allows for a digital detox. It would also be a great phone for anyone who prefers having a physical keyboard to type and manoeuvre with.