Nancy Maria Wears Beautiful Traditional Dress At Annapurna Base Camp

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In Malaysia we have a huge variety of traditional outfits that we wear during our festivities. These beautiful outfits are the result of our amazing blend of different races living together. As such, most of us feel quite proud to wear our own traditional outfits. Nancy Maria from Sarawak loves hers so much that she braved the freezing cold at the Himalayan base camp!

Nancy Maria
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But first, who is Nancy Maria? Well, she is a 42-year old school teacher in Miri and a mother to two sons. Her hobbies include gardening and working out which is why she’s super fit! According to her Facebook, she loves going to the gym and participating in runs.

Recently, Nancy and her husband took on the challenge of hiking to the Annapurna base camp. The couple flew to Kathmandu, Nepal, from Kuala Lumpur and took an 8 hour ride to Pokhara.

After that the real hike began and together they conquered the 4,130 metre hike to the base camp. Upon reaching the site where many climbers would hang up their flag, Nancy decided to do something different and more meaningful.

Nancy Maria at Annapurna Base Camp
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Braving against the freezing cold temperature, Nancy Maria posed for a photo in her beautiful traditional dress. The outfit that she is wearing is from the people of Kayan from Uma Kuman in Belaga, Sarawak.

It is a beautiful dress that stands out well against the snowy background of Mount Everest. Moreover, it is such a meaningful gesture to the tribes in Sarawak.

Nancy Maria at Sarawak Day Run 2019
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However, this is not the first time that Nancy has taken on physical challenges while proudly showing her heritage. Just this year she participated in two different runs while wearing her traditional clothes. One of which was together with her husband!