Mural Art Scene In Malaysia Is Booming With These Talented Artists

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Mural art is quite a popular thing in Malaysia as it’s a great way of showcasing talent and meanings. After all, which government school doesn’t have at least one mural somewhere? Additionally, anyone who goes to Penang will surely take lots of touristy photos with the famous murals. With such artistic talent in Malaysia we can find murals in even more places now. Here are two places with beautiful murals worth checking out!

Mural Art Tree of Hope
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Firstly, this impressive mural will be pretty hard to miss because it takes up the entire wall of a building. In fact, it is Malaysia’s largest mural art! You can see the amazing “Tree of Hope” artwork on the side of Indah UPC in Old Klang Road.

The stunning piece of art spans across 2,500 metres worth of wall and was painted by Fadzlan Rihan Johani. He is a architect-cum-artist who decided to take on the challenge from Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad.

Mural in Old Klang Road
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It took him approximately 10 months to complete the artwork as most times he was working alone. His sons visited him from time to time to lend a helping hand.

Mural Container Penang
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Moving on, Penang knows that their mural art is very attractive to tourists. Now they are bumping it up a few steps with the Penang International Container Art Festival. Here, Malaysian and international artists are showcasing their talent by painting mural art on containers.

Mural Art Penang
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The containers are located in various neighbourhoods around Penang so if you ever feel like a trip, this would be great! The artistic creativity really differs from each artist so you know that every spot will be a new view to appreciate.

You can find the murals until May 2020 at:

  • Prangin Mall — Georgetown 
  • Karpal Singh Drive — Jelutong 
  • Kampung Terang — Balik Pulau 
  • Dataran Pemuda Merdeka — Butterworth 
  • Aspen Vision City — Batu Kawan