Missing A Trip to Japan? You Can Have A Taste Of Japan Right Here!

Image credit: The Posh Egg

While the vaccine is already being rolled out, there are still a lot of question marks in regards to traveling. Some are saying we will need vaccine records while others are still unsure. Even though we know it’s not possible, some of us might be feeling a small itch to travel. In fact, some of us probably had plans last year and had to cancel them. At this point, we might be craving new sights, experiences, and flavours. One popular destination for tourism is Japan! It is rich in culture, tradition, sights, experiences, and of course food! Do you wish you were in Japan right now? Well you can now have a taste of Japan right here in Malaysia with The Posh Egg!

Onsen Eggs from Japan

eggs cooking in the onsen
Image credit: onsentipster.com

What are onsen eggs? Well, it is a traditional Japanese egg that literally translates to ‘hot spring eggs’. This is a reference to how the eggs were originally prepared in hot spring water, also known as onsen. This cooking method produces eggs with a unique texture. You can enjoy silky egg whites as well as a creamy custard-like yolk.

The Posh Egg

Image credit: The Posh Egg

So how do you get a taste of Japan right here in Malaysia? Introducing, The Posh Egg! This is the brainchild of Adrian Lau and it’s all about ready-to-eat onsen eggs delivered straight to your doorstep. He says that, “One of my favourite items ever on the Japanese menu is the humble onsen egg. I always used to wish that I could have them at home, but nobody was making them!” 

The Posh Egg uses the Kodawari egg which is a Japanese technique of feeding the chickens. He sources the eggs directly from a farm in Perak! Each egg takes somewhere between 1 to 2 hours of cooking in controlled temperatures. It is then dunked into an ice bath immediately.

Image credit: The Posh Egg

For just RM35, they will deliver a tray of ready-to-eat onsen eggs with a bottle of home-brewed dashi and chopped green onions. The eggs can be kept in the fridge for up to 7 days so no need to worry about eating it all in one go.

According to Adrian, the best way to eat the eggs is to crack it into a bowl straight out of the fridge. Then, add a few spoonfuls of dashi and a sprinkle of the chopped green onions. He adds that, “It’s all about texture, we went to great lengths to ensure the egg white and egg yolk is approximately the same texture.” Additionally, you will lose the benefit of the super smooth texture when you pair it with a different texture such as rice. 

I tried it cold with the home-brewed dashi and it’s super good!

Image credit: The Posh Egg

The Posh Egg is located near Mid Valley and covers most areas in the Klang Valley. There is a fixed delivery fee which is about half the price of a standard Grab delivery fee.

Enjoying A Taste of Japan

Image credit: The Posh Egg

Besides eating it cold with dashi, you can also get creative with your recipes. Try it out on some chilled Soba noodles or over a bowl of hot Japanese rice. You could also try cracking it over a plate of teriyaki chicken. Whatever you desire, go ahead and experiment!